PlayStation Plus members can currently claim 24 free games

Playstation plus users are currently spoiled for choice when it comes to free games.

Due to the timely overlap of several promotions, members of Sony’s gaming ecosystem have, at the time of writing, access to 24 different games without having to pay a dime over and above the standard subscription fee. For less than the cost of a single PlayStation 5 title, owners of the next-gen console can purchase a year of PS Plus, in turn making themselves eligible for plenty of free entertainment, starting with the July giveaways.

A story of plague: innocence, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and WWE 2K Battlegrounds are all on the house as long as they’re downloaded and added to your personal library over the next 30 days, although you will, as always, need to maintain an active subscription to continue playing.

In case none of the above appealed to you, 20 more titles, all under the PlayStation Plus Collection banner, are accessible in the same way. While there’s a good chance the AAA content available here could be rotated and replaced in the future, the existing roster includes some big first-party hits such as Transmitted by blood and Detroit: become human, as well as several third-party offers such as Fallout 4, Monster Hunter: World and Resident Evil 7.

That brings the total to 23, then, but what about the latest free digital adventure? This honor belongs to Sega Virtua Warrior 5 which, for the second month at the trot, prompts potential and veteran fighting game fans to take part in a round or two of friendly competition. It is not yet clear how long this will remain the case, although you have at least until the end of this month to take advantage of Sony’s generosity.

For details on all of the above, including how to access the PlayStation Plus Collection, see here.

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