Pros and cons of video game designers and creators


Today we’re going to take a look at game design versus game development. These are quite interesting and in demand specialties. This activity will be interesting for people who like computer games and at the same time have a good knowledge of mathematics and physics.

You will be able to create virtual worlds that will exist according to the laws you have written. Among the perks of the profession are high salaries, even for beginners, and prospects.

The benefits of the game designer and the creator are pretty much the same.


  • Interesting work.
  • High wages
  • Demand. Many companies are looking for good developers.
  • The possibility of working remotely from home.
  • You can open your own studio and earn more money.

Employers can offer various bonuses, for example a percentage of profits, in addition to wages, high-end computers, comfortable desks and much more.


It is more difficult for newbies to find a job because many people need experienced people. However, given the staff shortage, you may land a job first in a small studio or startup, and then in a large corporation.

It takes a lot of knowledge and being able to be called upon.

It is necessary to learn and master new technologies, because the IT world is changing rapidly.

What do you need to know and know how to do?

* First of all, the game developer should be familiar with one of the popular engines, such as Unity, Unreal Engine 4 or another. How to install it, work in the interface, integrate characters, customize gameplay, animation, sound and much more.

* It is necessary to know programming languages. In the case of Unity, this is C # (C sharp). The engine is written on it. During the development process, you will need to write additional code. Knowledge of Python, Java and C ++ will not be superfluous.

* Master the Blender package. It is used for 3D modeling, rendering and creating 3D graphics. It is free software and it is free to download.

* It is important to understand the physics of the processes. For example, what forces should influence the behavior of the characters and their movements.

* Become familiar with the genres of games and know their characteristics. In a number of vacancies, employers explicitly state that the candidate must have experience in certain projects.

* Know what OOP (Object Oriented Programming) is.

* Be able to use Git.

Who is a game developer and what does he do?

Modern games are often created on engines that contain ready-made solutions and allow you to publish projects for PC, consoles, mobile devices. Examples of such platforms: Unity, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, GameSalad, HeroEngine and many others.

Game developers are specialists who work with engines and use them to create new shooting games, quests, arcades, puzzles, etc. Their responsibilities generally include:

* Customization of the visual component: textures, materials, lighting, cameras, etc.

* Programming levels.

* Integration of the characters in the game and setting up of their interactions.

* Implementation of animations, models and various effects.

* Development of game mechanics, ie how the game should work, what should happen and how.

* Implementation of third party plugins and SDKs, eg analytics and advertising systems.

* Code optimization so that programs run faster and require fewer resources.

* Creation of additional applications, for example, the integrated level editor.

And to order the design or development of a game, you need to contact professionals with extensive experience, such as And then you will certainly be satisfied with the result!


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