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It’s time for another episode of Game Rant Arcade, this time focused on the accessibility features of Psychonauts 2 and Netflix’s video game ambitions.

It has been an interesting week in the gaming world, as long-standing conversations wake up and new evolving transitions in the industry begin to occur. While there haven’t been many new video game releases, Cameron and Anthony still have a lot to discuss on Game Rant Arcade Episode 30.

Kick-off, Psychonauts 2 has an invincibility toggle as an accessibility feature, though the response has been somewhat mixed so far. This has reignited a debate about the place of difficulty in modern games, which has been a nasty mix of toxic commentary and vitriolic. However, the industry is moving towards more accessible games despite everything.

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Ubisoft also made headlines this week, but for all the wrong reasons. The company is at risk of bleeding talent due to the announcement of its toxic work environment, as detailed in a report it published itself. However, it is unclear what steps are taken to help combat the problem, outside of some fairly basic on-the-job training.

By far the biggest news of the week, Netflix is ​​adding games, ideally within a year. The company is bringing in new talent to add games as part of the service, which could be a huge change for the industry as a whole. Notably, however, it’s unclear how far Netflix’s ambitions are when it comes to games on the service. However, it could do what Google and Amazon have so far failed to do.

And, finally, a Nickelodeon game similar to Smash bros. is on its way in the form of Nickelodeon Star Brawl, but we don’t know who it is for. The game will contain a healthy dose of nostalgia for those with a soft spot for classic cartoons, which is all anyone can really ask for.

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Here are the timestamps for each segment:


  • Accessibility features of Psychonauts 2
  • Ubisoft risks bleeding a talent
  • Discord acquires AI company
  • Netflix launches into gaming
  • Nickelodeon All-Stars announced

Games of the week

  • The innocence of a plague tale
  • Space jam
  • Boomerang X

Auditor’s letter

  • Which games deserve a remake?
  • Do you have to complete the games?
  • What games will be collectibles?

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