PUBG player count almost doubles on Steam after free game launches

the PUBG the number of players practically doubled overnight. The reason is simple: the PUBG The free version has proven to be extremely popular.

PUBG is undoubtedly one of the games that sparked the modern Battle Royale craze, but it hasn’t seen the same success as its contemporaries in recent years. Although it has sold over 70 million units, the original creator of the game, Brendan Green, left to start his own business and the PUBG player numbers have remained relatively stable over the past year (at least on Steam).

It was ready to change when PUBG announced that he was play free-to-play last month. That day has finally arrived, and it shows – the PUBG the number of players practically doubled overnight.

the PUBG player numbers have remained relatively stable over the past year until the recent launch of free-to-play. (Graphic credit: Steam Graphics)

the PUBG The number of players is increasing, but will it last?

Like Steam Graphics watch (via Reddit), the PUBG The number of players on Steam has risen from a high of 363,839 yesterday to a high of 667,399 players, an increase of 83.4% in a single day. The reason for this spike is surely due to the recent PUBG free version.

Interestingly, the developers hosted a free event in August 2021 that barely moved the needle on player count. It looks like the full free version has sparked a much higher level of curiosity among gamers – especially knowing that they won’t have to purchase the game after a free weekend ends. It should be noted, however, that the free version cannot access the ranked game; which requires a one-time purchase of $ 12.99.

The highest PUBG The number of players has also led to an increase in Steam reviews, of which around 3,000 are positive and 4,000 negative. Recent reviews before the release of free-to-play have been slightly more positive than not, so it seems there is some pessimism about the launch of free-to-play, both from gamers. previous players or new players who don’t quite find their cup of tea. .

The larger game population is certainly impressive, but the only big question is, can we PUBG maintain these numbers of players in the long term? Having nearly 700,000 players on Steam is impressive, but it’s paltry compared to the game’s all-time peak of 3,236,027 players in December 2017. Now it’s up to the developers to continue delivering a compelling experience. You can player PUBG free on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Google Stadia via its official website.

What do you think of the PUBG free version? Do you think this will lead to permanent growth in the number of players? Let us know in the comments below!

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