Ride 4 Dev comments on the game’s viral video, explains why it looks so realistic

A recent video from Ride 4 has gained popularity on the Internet because it is absolutely breathtaking. Many people in the industry as well as legions of fans have questioned whether the particular scene in the video actually came from a video game.

The developers have now spoken to GamesRadar about it and explained how a small but important element helps the footage become indistinguishable from reality. The game’s replay mode, as seen in the recording, features a shaky camera which, while unsuitable for gaming, adds a lot of depth to the game’s immersion, as well as fantastic lighting and environments.

“Add the lighting, with this beautiful rainy weather, add the realistic environment, and that’s it” Ride 4 said executive producer Michele Caletti. “Take an ingredient out of the recipe and it won’t work. “

Caletti says developer Milestone is extremely grateful for all the support the game received after the video went viral. The developer also revealed that it also helped bolster the game’s sales numbers. Calleti also said his upcoming titles will leverage the power of current-gen hardware to enable gameplay that exceeds this threshold of reality much more often. .

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