Robin’s new deadly tournament has the rules of a video game

In the latest issue of Robin from DC Comics, Damian Wayne entered a high-stakes tournament that basically has the rules of a video game.

Spoilers warning ahead for Robin # 2

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Robin, Damian Wayne has entered a deadly tournament which has the rules of a video game. Due to his estrangement from his father Batman, Damian forged a new path on his own. Additionally, his recent discovery involving the League of Lazarus motivated him to investigate and participate in their Lazarus Tournament, a deadly contest between the deadliest fighters in the DC Universe. While the first issue in Robin’s new series saw its arrival on the League’s Hidden Island, this new issue allows Damian to learn the rules of the Lazarus Tournament, which is apparently more than just a fight to dead.

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In Robin # 1 from writer Joshua Williamson and artist Gleb Melnikov, Damian secured his entry into the contest by eliminating King Snake, Bane’s father. However, once he and the other fighters arrived on Lazarus Island, Damian was far too bold and arrogant, challenging everyone to prove his worth. As a result, he was quickly killed by the new fighter known as Flatline, who tore Damian’s heart apart. Even so, it wasn’t the end for Damian Wayne, whom he would have known if he hadn’t been so impatient.

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Now, Robin # 2 sees Damian awakening, having been resurrected thanks to the power of the island and his possession of one of the largest Lazarus wells in the DC Universe. Luckily, Rose Wilson’s Ravager took it upon herself to fulfill the Son of Batman and serve as a mentor, letting him know tournament rules not unlike those of a video game. For example, Ravager reveals that each candidate has extra lives, which was explained to everyone after Robin was killed and lost first.


Not only does each fighter have three lives, but Ravager also tells Robin his main competition. In keeping with the theme of the video game, these are the “bosses”. First up, there’s the new Respawn, which definitely shaped its look after Ravager’s dad Deathstroke, ten-year-old XXL who appears to have pyro-kinetic powers, Flatline (with whom Robin is already familiar), and Black. Swan, a deadly dancer who once killed his entire dance troupe as well as the audience. However, there also appears to be a more fearsome final boss, and that is none other than Conner Hawke, the secret son of Green Arrow and for some reason a League of Shadows agent. Not only that, but the reward for winning is immortality.

Either way, Damian seems very determined to prove his worth in the contest, while also trying to find out why the League of Lazarus was hidden from him by his mother and father in the first place. Regardless, Damian’s distinctively bold and brash personality has already cost him a life. Two more and it’s over for Robin for real. Now that he knows the rules of the contest, I hope Damian will be able to come out on top and get to the bottom of everything that is going on with this new League cult.

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