SaGa Creator is working on a remaster, a remake and a new game

In the photo, cool characters for SaGa Frontier.

Will SaGa Frontier have a remake? I do not know !
Picture: Square Enix

Akitoshi Kawazu looks like a busy guy. In one Tweeter to fans earlier today, he thanked them for supporting the Saga series in 2021 and stated that he will continue to work for their support in 2022. By this, what did he mean exactly? Good…

According to Kawazu, he is moving forward on a remaster, a remake and a new entry in the Saga series. “I am working hard to bring good news to everyone,” Kawazu added. Hopefully that means there will be announcements made next year.

Kawazu, who was co-writer of the first Final fantasy game, originally released the first game in the SaGa series in 1989 with The Legend of Final Fantasy, known in Japan as Makai Toushi SaGa. Since then, there have been over 15 entries in the series.

For the uninitiated, the SaGa series has been called a “alt-JRPG” because of how games have ditched traditional JRPG conventions for unorthodox design choices and delicate mechanics.

Even though Kawazu held a more executive position at Square Enix, he is still in direct contact with the Saga series. For example, Kawazu proposed the concept for 2018 Romancing Saga Re: Universe, but written and co-designed SaGa: Scarlet Grace, who was the first released in japan to the PS Vita before being ported to a number of other platforms.

On Twitter there are a number of theories as to what the remaster could be like with the first Romance SaGa, originally released in 1992, appearing to be leading the pack, as smart money is on the move Romance SaGa 4 for the new title. Guesses for the remake include the years 2002 Unlimited saga, corn SaGa border (above, in the photo) could be an interesting choice. A remastered version was released last spring, but during the game’s original development a number of storylines were cut.

Back in 2017, Kotaku asked Kawazu for the option to redo SaGa border with content that was cut from the game. “Of course I would love to,” Kawazu responded, “but I’m not sure God would keep me alive until the day when it can be realized.”

We look forward to what Kawazu has in store for you Saga in 2022 and beyond!

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