Scooby-Doo character calls police on LeBron in video game, people call him racist, DC strips Velma of his power

Warner Bros. updated a recently released video game to ban Scooby-Doo character Velma from calling the police on opponents.

Velma appears in the MultiVersus online game along with other DC Comics characters in which she collects evidence against her opponent, holds up a wanted poster, and calls the cops. The game portrays her accurately.

Still, the list of possible opponents to face includes LeBron James, whom the game features to promote “Space Jam 2,” a movie no one recommends you stream.

And therein lies the problem. According to NBC News, Warner Bros. received complaints that Velma, as a white woman, could call the police on LeBron in combat.

“His character’s ability to call the police on black characters such as basketball star LeBron James, who appeared in the movie ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy,’ wasn’t for everyone.

Specifically, critics called the depiction — yes, you guessed it — racist and accused Velma of being a “Karen.”

What is NBC doing about Karens and cartoon characters accused of white privilege? It strips them of their identity.

With the update, Velma now calls the Mystery Inc. gang on her opponents instead of the police.

You might be wondering how it could be racist for Velma to call the police on her enemies when they are of all colors. Prior to the update, the game allowed Velma to call the cops on all available DC characters, including Batman, Bugs Bunny, and the Great Tasmanian Devil. For the record, Bugs Bunny is a gray rabbit.

But if you were to wonder about such a thing, then you would think rationally. And rational thinking does not apply to the indignant. They find it impractical.

Online users who don’t even play the video game have seen a photo of Velma calling the cops on LeBron and accusing Warner Bros. to promote racial undertones.

The biggest shame is that the game hasn’t improved with the update. Because the biggest problem – along with the pips – remains: LeBron is in it.

Any mention of “Space Jam 2” taints DC’s great legacy. LeBron James ruined the NBA and could ruin DC while he’s at it.

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