September flights: free games to grab this month


Download this: There are always free games to be found in the various online marketplaces. There is a plethora of choices, from great studio titles to someone doing something in their garage. This list is a small sample of these games and links to learn more. Browse through these offers for something new to try in your spare time, with more coming every month!

Epic games

The Epic Games store is home to many free games that are worth at least investigating. There are household names like Fortnite and Rocket League, but also an ever-evolving offering of a game or two that they offer for free if they are claimed during their time in the limelight.

To claim these offers, go to the free section of the store page and proceed as if you were making a regular purchase. Once the title is claimed, it is your responsibility to keep it forever.

Speed ​​Brawl – Free until September 23

Speed ​​fight is an interesting twist on the traditional beat-em-up formula. Along with landing flashy combos on your enemies, the emphasis is on quick movements and maintaining momentum. The action is dynamic, keeping things frantic and fun! He has a local and online co-op, so show this list to your friends to add even more fun.

Tharsis – Free until September 23

In Tharsis, you engage in space-themed survival and strategy gameplay in the first manned mission from Earth to Mars. Keep your crew alive and roll plenty of dice to brave the journey and harsh environment of the Red Planet.

Les Escapists – Free from September 23 to 30

Oh no, you’re in jail, and you have to get out! This game mixes action and adventure with some of the elements of point and click adventure games. On top of that, it has a colorful presentation reminiscent of old portable games. Creatively find ways out of jail in The Escapists.

To smoke

Steam has a section in its store for gifts, and it is updated daily with new games. While many of them are hardly worth checking out, there are a few gems to be found. If you can find something you like, then act like you’re going to buy it. Unlike Epic’s store, you will be able to skip payment on Steam.

Ruins of Albion – play for free on Steam

Ruins of Albion is a new free roguelike. It has a pretty and vibrant low-poly presentation paired with fast-paced, simplistic gameplay. Each life is a new set of randomly generated levels with different upgrades possible to try and rebuild a powerful character. It probably lacks the longevity of some other heavyweights in the genre, but still an enjoyable game.

Endless Space Collection – Free with Games2Gether registration

Endless Space is a sci-fi strategy game where you will control spaceships as they fight for the secrets and resources of an ancient civilization called The Endless. This game is available through a promotion that involves linking your Steam account to another platform.

Head to the Games2Gether page and follow the quick registration process. Once done, you will be prompted to log into your Steam account. Next, check your rewards (the current icon, top right of the G2G page), and there will be a code for Endless Space and its DLC.

Top notch game

This section is a bonus with an Amazon Prime membership. This means that Top notch game isn’t technically free, but with the importance of Amazon Prime, it’s likely that there are some already paid goodies sitting right under your nose that you don’t even know about.

Head over to Prime Gaming and click on claim the games you want to add to your library in the Amazon Games app.

Knockout City – Free code for Origin copy until September 30

Unlike the other Prime Gaming range, when you claim this one it will give you a code to redeem on Origin EA. Directly below this code will be a list of detailed instructions on exactly how to play.

Knockout City is a game where you play dodge ball, except it’s an over the top and ridiculous way the sport can play out in a child’s head. Jump high in the air and hurl energy-powered rubber death orbs at your opponents in this fast-paced competition.

Tools in place! – Free until October 1st

Tools Up offers a simple premise: repairing your clients’ apartments. This one is a wacky cooperative game where half the fun is in the mistakes you make to achieve your very simple goals. If you’ve always wanted to drop a couch on your friends, but hate the hassle of taking them to the hospital, then you need to check out Tools Up!

Sam and Max Hit the Road – Free until October 1

The main characters Sam and Max, respectively a dog and a rabbit, are independent detectives. In this adventure, you will discover the location of the missing sasquatch from a local carnival. This point-and-click journey is riddled with silly cartoon antics and hilarious backdrops. Claim it now to experience this late ’90s comedy time capsule.

Puzzle Agent – Free until October 1st

From Telltale Games, Puzzle Agent is based on a federal agent’s investigation into a gum factory in a small, snowy town. The puzzles and the world are done in a simplistic style like newspaper comics, and the comic tones in the game seem to mimic those same comics.

Candleman: The Complete Journey – Free until October 1

In this charming indie title, players face a dark, surreal, and somewhat scary world like a candle. Use the flame at the top of your head to manipulate the lighting in the environment and the platform through the beautiful pieces of backdrop that the light reveals.

Unmemory – Free until October 1st

You don’t see a lot of textual adventures in the modern age, but Unmemory is here to turn that trend around. This mystery is interspersed with small interactive puzzles, and these texts and puzzles inside cut out a noir thriller based on the unraveling of the murder of a thief.

Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis – Free until October 1

Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis is the sequel to one of the free games from last month with Prime, Secret Files: Tunguska. This game is more of the same. Point-and-click adventure finds your character in the wrong place at the wrong time, witnessing a murder. The plot unravels, leaving you at the center of a global plot.


GOG does not have the same volume of offers as some of these other platforms, but some high quality titles are on their static list of free games. Find out and add a few to your collection.

The Witcher 1: Enhanced Edition – Free with GOG Galaxy download

If you’re reading this list, it’s unlikely you haven’t heard of The Witcher 3, a critically acclaimed open-world RPG from 2015. Well, this offer is for a reworked version of the original The Witcher. , the game that launched the entire series.

Download the GOG Galaxy desktop client and sign in, or create an account if you don’t have one. After that, the first thing you see should be the main page, where you can grab The Witcher.’s shop is home to the most indie of indie games. Many are created by amateurs and students, without the polish and budget of the smallest indie game. That won’t stop you from having fun with them, however! There is always a selection of games from discounted to free on their sales page. The tracks run at their own pace, so check back every now and then if that’s okay with you. The list below is the top ten current free games based on store metrics.

To claim these free offers, click on the game card in the store. Once that takes you to the game’s page, you’ll have the option to download it and another to tip. Don’t forget to support these developers if you can afford it.

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