Short Film: Blockcode Games Indie Dev Interview

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This time our developer interview is with Ivan Kisiček, the game developer at Blockcode Games. At LadiesGamers, James recently previewed DreamCell: Lost in Nightmares and gave us his opinion on the game.

Of course, LadiesGamers always talks about the personal story in an interview, so we asked Ivan what was the story behind the development of DreamCell: Lost in Nightmares and what cool games we can expect in the future. Plus, Ivan has some tips for budding developers!

Presentation by Ivan Kisicek

Who is Ivan Kisiček from Blockcode Games?

Well, in short, I would describe myself as a big fan of video games and game development. But in a bit more detail, I’m from Croatia and I’m 29 years old.

I have a master’s degree in computer science (University of Rijeka), and for three years I have been working on the development of various video games in Blockcode Games. It was mostly client work at first, but now we are finally on the verge of releasing our first games (DreamCell: Lost in Nightmares and Shards of Nogard after that).

DreamCell: Lost in Nightmares

LadiesGamers indie developer interview

How did you get started as a game developer?

I started relatively early, in high school, when there weren’t many tutorials available, not even game engines (especially not free ones). I’ve always been interested in how such wonderful products as games are created in the background, so even as a child I developed smaller games for myself (using free tools available at era, like the free version of GameMaker).

Where did you draw your inspiration from for DreamCell: Lost in Nightmares?

Oh, I’m a big fan of The Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon! This can probably be easily noticed through the game design and gameplay of DreamCell: Lost in nightmares. Although I definitely wanted to use some of my ideas to make the game unique and add things that I would like in the games.

What is the biggest challenge in creating a game like DreamCell: Lost in Nightmares, and how did you overcome it?

So aside from the initial idea, the hardest part was creating the randomly generated world. Once that part worked, further development was adding more content, enemies, additional features and things like that.

Want to read the rest of the interview too? Find out where Ivan got his inspiration for dream cell. And what other games he has planned for the future.

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