Sister Location is the best game in the series

In the past 10 years, there really hasn’t been a new horror game series as influential as Five nights at Freddy’s. The first entry in the now-legendary franchise caught fire thanks to the huge community response to the game’s atmosphere, animatronic designs, and well-hidden lore. Every subsequent game would perfect these elements, but not all of them. FNAF game was as well received as the previous one.

FNAF Worldin the same way FNAF: security breachare probably the two games fans think of when they talk about the worst FNAF Game. However, the question of the best horror series entry has a few contenders. Some fans prefer the original two games, while others point to the latest entries reaching the pinnacle of the franchise formula. While a case can be made for almost any entry in the series, there are a few FNAF titles that stand out among the best.

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The original Five Nights At Freddy’s is a classic

The night watchmen look at the computer in Five Nights at Freddy's

the original Five nights at Freddy’sis hard not to call the best. The rhythmic sit-and-survive gameplay that’s been taken from series creator Scott Cawthon’s previous games is the easiest here, but also the most compelling. the original FNAF benefited greatly from being the first game in the series, as unsuspecting players often fall victim to the most effective jumpscares. While the game’s atmosphere does much of the heavy lifting for the horror, there’s no denying the effectiveness of the original game’s jumpscares.

Compared to the complexity of later entries in the series, fans returning to the original game might find it a bit simplistic. While the game really didn’t have much to encourage repeats, the title did extremely well when it came to immersing players in the horror. The only gameplay mechanics were the camera and door controls, both of which were pretty easy to figure out. With the simplest lore and gameplay, the original FNAF has aged quite well.

That being said, the original FNAF is not as polished as later games. While some fans may appreciate the subtle approach to the backstory of the original, the series has benefited from more complex stories in later games. The animatronic designs, while understandably weird, are also overshadowed by some of the later iterations. However, the original FNAF deserves the love for the launch of the massive horror franchise.

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Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 Builds On Its Predecessor

Mangle appearing in the office in Five Nights at Freddy's 2.

Five nights at Fredd’sthereit’s 2 does everything a good sequel should do. Not only does it expand on the elements that made the original great, but it also adds new ideas that would become staples in the series. More complex animatronics and new gameplay mechanics kept the gameplay from feeling like a retread of the original. The new look and feel of the series, along with the sleek toy mechanics and more modern pizzeria, also helped the game feel like an evolutionary step from the start.

Some fans think the Toy animatronics have lost some of the weird creepiness the original designs had, but Toy Chica and the Puppet are by far two of the scariest. FNAF designs there. The original’s gameplay was expanded but kept simple, which allowed it to retain most of its appeal. Simply put, FNAF 2 was about as perfect a sequel as it could have been.

FNAF 2 would also mark the first time a true story for the series was featured. These 8-bit minigames that took place between nights would inspire what would become FNAFthe greatest driving force of: its community of tradition hunters. Needless to say that during FNAF 2 may not be the absolute best in the series, it still deserves credit for cementing what the series would become.

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Why Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location Is The Best FNAF Game

fnaf sister location

FNAF would lose a lot of his scares after the first two games, with FNAF 4 being the point where many fans stopped finding the games scary. While keeping his horror would be something FNAF would grapple with in future games, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location took the franchise back to its terrifying roots, if only for a moment. Sister location is the game that prepared the series for the future, while paying homage to what made the originals great.

The animatronics had the pseudo-human qualities of the original game, while enhancing their weirdness with the FNAF 2 Toy aesthetics. Circus Baby and Mangle are some of the best designs in this game, both looking like natural evolutions of some previous iconic designs. It’s so hard to talk about it Sister location not to mention how important it was to franchise lore.

The gameplay is perhaps the only point of criticism for this entry, mainly due to how it differed from what fans expected from the series. Contrary to Pizzeria Simulator or FNAF World, Sister location didn’t stray so far as to alienate longtime fans, but managed to do it differently enough to reinvigorate the series. Just like the original two games, Sister location had an ideal balance, especially with regard to the FNAF formula.

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