Soccer-Dalian coach thanks fans for passing instructions in CSL match

When Dalian Pro head coach Xie Hui was unable to deliver messages to his coaching staff during a Chinese Super League (CSL) game against Port Shanghai, the club fans have decided to be the voice of the boss. Xie was serving a one-game ban on the touchline and was sitting among the fans during Saturday’s game when the team made a 75th-minute substitution, prompting the coach to instruct his staff from the grandstands.

But the noise from the crowd meant they couldn’t hear his pleas for a change of formation at the back and some fans, who watched him frantically wave three fingers and shout ‘three defenders’, started repeating his words. “The fans were very helpful, they relayed my words on the pitch. They understood my instructions well,” Xie was quoted as saying by Xinhua News Agency.

Xie, whose team is 15th in the league, said a congested network also prevented him from reaching colleagues via communication devices. “So I had to run down to the bottom of the stand. But I couldn’t go down any further, because I was forbidden to go in. What I could do then was shout,” Xie said.

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