Soccer-Hoddle expects an open and fiery clash between England and Scotland

Whenever England and Scotland stick together on a football pitch, the cautious approach associated with international football often goes out the window and the shock of Friday’s Euro 2020 at Wembley will be no different, according to former England boss Glenn Hoddle. England’s victory in the Group D clash would seal their place in the last 16 of the tournament with one game to go, while Scotland’s loss would leave their hopes in shambles.

Hoddle, who has played in several editions of the world’s oldest international game, said the Scottish underdogs will come under pressure to play a more attacking style after their first loss to the Czech Republic. “I think it changes the dynamics of this game against England,” Hoddle said in an interview with Betfair. “If they had won (against the Czechs) I would have thought Scotland would draw, but now they will have to take risks and I think England will win.

“The pressure is on Scotland to open up more. If they get a draw they will be really under pressure against Croatia in the last game.” England were calm and calm as they avenged their 2018 World Cup semi-final loss to Croatia in their opener as Raheem Sterling scored the only goal.

This game barely got the pulse beat, although England impressed, but Hoddle says Scotland offer a different dynamic. “It will get a little fiery, if you play against Scotland it gets fiery, that’s the fighting energy that this game brings,” Hoddle said.

“The team that controls their emotions will end up playing better and winning.” Former Scottish midfielder Gordan Strachan, who led the Scots when they lost 3-0 on their last visit to Wembley in a World Cup qualifier in 2016, said that England’s first victory over Croatia was not as good as it is claimed.

“I don’t think England were that good. When I logged in I thought ‘did I watch the wrong game here”, “he said. “It was just good, and the only real piece of class was (midfielder) Kalvin Phillips.”

Strachan said England manager Gareth Southgate would be wary of a Scotland side which played well in part against the Czechs but were defeated by two high-quality goals. “Gareth and his team will be wary, just as they were of Croatia,” he told Betfair. “England have this superiority complex in pretty much everything. I don’t know if that adds another step to the players. It will make a good game.”

Hoddle said there was “more to come” from England after a strong start. “England did what they had to do against an aging Croatian side,” he said. “I didn’t want us to win 4-0. Getting the points was the main thing. If you win a tournament, you have to peak at the right time, and you can peak too early.”

Hoddle also advised Aston Villa playmaker Jack Grealish to make an impact, most likely from the bench. “Scotland will be deep, we might need someone to run after people and make mistakes. If he plays, that’s him,” Hoddle said.

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