Sonic Frontiers Dev pushes back against Breath of the Wild comparisons

Sonic Team leader Takashi Iizuka recorded distance attempts sound borders comparisons to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There’s just over a week to go until Sonic finally takes the plunge into open-world gameplay, so it’s understandable that Iizuka wants to make sure the game is its own thing rather than just trying to monkey breath of the wildis success.

Comparisons to this game have been made since sound borders It was first rumored to be open-world, with those early rumors claiming it was inspired by Nintendo’s 2017 flagship classic. That certainly didn’t help dispel that notion when the game was finally unveiled emphasizing a vast grassy environment with an aura of mystery, which would not seem out of place in breath of the wildis the verdant, ancient version of Hyrule. Other things revealed since have also invited comparisons, like Borders‘ The creatures of Koco that reminded fans breath of the wildit is Koroks.


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Despite these superficial similarities, Iizuka told Shacknews in an interview that sound borders is a very different beast breath of the wild. He said the development team viewed it primarily as an action game, while in their view breath of the wild is a role-playing game. While the two can both sport gameplay that emphasizes freedom in their designs, Iizuka said Nintendo’s game is “not at all similar” to Sonic Team’s.

In a way, he pointed out that it differs from breath of the wild is the emphasis on what Sega called the “open area” design instead of the “open world.” While players will be free to explore each of the Starfall islands at their leisure, the order in which they unlock the islands appears to be more linear. It’s a notable departure from the traditional open-world experience, where the entire map is accessible from the start, but given that Sonic’s gameplay has almost always revolved around speed towards an objective, the linear structure can be a good way to preserve this concentration in a more open environment.

Other differences also emerged from the perspective of sound borders‘ launch, as well as its fight. Whereas breath of the wild often empowers players to use the environment to defeat enemies, Borders it looks like its variety will come from unlocking new attacks for Sonic through a new skill tree system. The game also looks set to stand out with the colossal bosses that players can find in open areas, which breath of the wild was missing but could possibly use in its sequel tears of the kingdom.

With the popularity of the last main line Zelda is, and how crowded the open-world market has become, it’s no surprise that many new games have been compared to breath of the wild. sound borders is no exception, but luckily fans don’t have to wait any longer to see if it’s able to forge a unique identity while delivering a memorable open-world experience.

sound borders launches November 8 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Shack News

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