Sonic the Hedgehog creator reveals ‘mixed feelings’ about Sonic games on non-Sega consoles

Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka has revealed he has “mixed feelings” about releasing a game on a console other than Sega.

In a tweet, who shared another tweet celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Naka wrote, “I had mixed feelings about Sonic’s run on non-Sega hardware, both sad and happy. It’s been 20 years now.” The video game designer didn’t elaborate on his tweet, so it’s unclear what his initial concerns were.

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Clearly, Naka found peace with Sega’s decision to release a Sonic the Hedgehog game on a non-Sega console when Sonic Adventure 2: Battle was released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2001. We can see why Naka would have been a little protective. blue Hedgehog, although given that he was part of the original Sonic Team roster and was responsible for programming the original Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Megadrive.

More recently, Naka was instead working at Square Enix where he developed Balan Wonderworld. However, since June of last year, Naka quietly left the studiopotentially due to the disappointing success of the platform game.

If you’re wondering what Sonic Team is up to these days, there’s good news. The team behind Sonic Forces, Sonic Generations and more are working on a new game. Sonic: Frontiers was first revealed during the Sonic Central Stream in May 2021 and received another longer trailer at The Game Awards 2021.

Want to know more about Sega’s next open-world Sonic game? I found why Sega is “focused on taking Sonic to the next level” in Sonic Frontiers.

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