Squid Game Creator Explains Why Show Took Over 10 Years

Squid game spoilers follow.

Squid game Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk explained why it took over 10 years for the show to come to fruition.

The South Korean survival drama has grown into one of the greatest Netflix series of all time in a matter of weeks with its gripping and at times shocking portrayal of brutal competition.

In a recent conversation with Korea’s time, Hwang revealed that he actually had the idea of ​​mixing up childhood games with deadly consequences for losers in 2008.

“I found the games to use in the story about 10 years ago. And it was, to begin with, the red light game, green light that had a big impact with a shocking mass death,” explained the writer.

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He continued, “I thought players fighting like warriors using the shapes, which form a ring, would demonstrate the irony of children’s play, as well as the players’ desperation.”

At the time, Hwang put the project aside because he thought it would be too far-fetched for viewers to believe – but reassessed a few years ago after noticing a culture shift. .

“After about 12 years, the world has become a place where such weird and violent survival stories are truly welcome,” he said.

“People have commented on the series’ relevance to real life. Unfortunately, the world has changed in that direction. The games in the series that participants go crazy on align with people’s desires to hit the jackpot with things like cryptocurrency, real estate, and stocks. So many people have been able to understand the story. “

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Those who watched Squid game were probably left wanting more due to his elusive ending. Hwang isn’t ruling out making a second season, but warned it might not happen quickly.

Squid game is currently available to stream internationally on Netflix.

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