Stardew Valley Creator’s Next Game Is Adorable Chocolate Shop Simulation

In a surprise reveal today, Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone announced his upcoming Haunted Chocolatier game, a shop simulation about running a spooky chocolate factory. We’ve been waiting for years on what Barone would work on after spending so much time developing major free updates to his simulation of farm life. The big announcement has now been shared and I can’t wait to hear more about what he has in store for such an adorable new game.

If you want to watch for yourself first, here’s the new reveal video:

Barone spoke in vague terms of work on a new game for years now. His previous comments on his potential next projects indicated that he probably wouldn’t be working on a direct sequel to Stardew, but that it could somehow tie in or even take place in the same world.

“I have deliberately kept this a secret because I want to be able to work on it without any pressure at the moment,” Barone said of his next project in a 2018 devblog. “I also want to make sure the concept is fully realized before I reveal anything, because once it is available, I’m going to have to fully commit to it.”

With today’s announcement, it definitely looks like he’s sticking with the Stardew universe, but heading into a new kind of simulation. Heck, who hasn’t wanted to run a super sweet chocolate factory?

“With my next game, I wanted to explore more fantastic possibilities… experiences that take you beyond the ordinary. That’s where the magical haunted ghost chocolate comes in,” Barone said in an announcement post. for Haunted Chocolatier.

Barone says he’s not quite sure how to describe the game yet. “But basically, the game loop is about gathering ingredients, making chocolate, and running a chocolate factory.”

Now that Barone is fully engaged and ready to share, I can’t wait to see where he goes with a slightly different kind of sim.

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