Stardew Valley fan creates impressive magnetic board

A fan decides to create a magnetic board based on the Stardew Valley farm with many different characters and objects from the game.

Stardew Valley fan creates impressive magnetic board

While there are plenty of triple-A games on the market, sometimes smaller titles manage to achieve similar success with much less money. Valley of stars is a perfect example of this event, as the game was a big hit with only a small budget. Created by a single developer known as ConcernedApe, the game has continued to be a huge success since its launch.

Valley of stars is a simulation RPG that asks players to rebuild an old farmhouse. With a surprising amount of things to do like fishing, cultivating crops, mining for gems, and even meeting townspeople, it’s no wonder that many players keep coming back to the game years after. its exit. Recently a fan decided to create a new piece of art based on the title.

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In a post on Reddit, a user known as Selgeron showed a custom Valley of stars magnetic board designed around the game’s iconic farmhouse. The creation included several impressive features such as a number of magnets with designs of animals and villagers from Valley of stars. Some examples of these custom magnet designs included a cow, mud, and a horse. Additionally, the panel contained a few buildings that could be repositioned with a nice background image of the farm plot. Intended to be a toy for their child, the creator made the magnetic board with the help of his partner. The result was impressive, the designer noting that “it was a great success!

Selgeron provided some details on the process of making the magnetic board. According to the creator, a glossy poster of the game’s farm was applied to a whiteboard to form the backdrop. Besides the house, the designer used laminated magnetic sheets for the buildings. For all of the other moving parts in the design, the designer’s partner sewed them together and attached magnets to the backs of the objects.

The Valley of stars The community on Reddit loves this new magnetic board from Selgeron. With over 21,000 upvotes, the majority of fans are impressed with the quality of the play. While the creator created the magnetic board for his child to play, many Reddit users admitted that they also want one for themselves. Others have suggested that those who wish to copy the design but don’t know how to cross stitch could use laminated paper glued to magnets instead.

This is one of the many creations made by passionate fans of the game. Since the title was released, players have been doing wonders Valley of stars fan art of many of its villagers and memorable places. Once this new magnetic board is finished, it will be interesting to see if Selgeron decides to make other toys for their child based on Valley of stars.

Valley of stars is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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