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Lost dentures at the restaurant

A customer left full teeth in a UK restaurant.

The Barclay Pizza and Prosecco in Royton, Oldham, says a set of dentures were found by staff during overnight cleaning.

A post on their Facebook from owner Emma Whelan read: “We left a lot of stuff after a night at the Barclay…we got house keys, phones, even a single shoe (she must have skipped the house) but This is a new one.”

Emma continued to Manchester Evening News: “It was a busy night last night. We had a party upstairs and there were also a lot of people downstairs. We didn’t find the teeth until the end of the night. Our supervisor Cameron the found. They were on the ground near the It’s a full set of teeth.

“I especially wanted to post it because they definitely miss someone.”


A horse rescued from the swimming pool

Firefighters were called to a scene in New York to help rescue a horse that fell into a swimming pool and got stuck in winter cover.

A Bohemian Fire Department representative said the horse tried to walk on the pool but proved too heavy to succeed.

They said on Facebook: “Crews from both agencies worked together to move the horse into the shallow end of the water and free him from cover.”

The equine was guided up and down the stairs and appeared unharmed by the ordeal.


A prototype of an arcade game sold at auction for a gold price

An original Atari ‘Home Pong’ prototype sold for over $270,000 (about J$41 million) at auction.

The console – which came from the personal archives of game creator Allan Alcorn – was sold by RR Auction in Boston for $270,910 (about $41.2 million).

The device – which dates from 1976 – features a ‘Pong’ chip in the base prototype and a handcrafted model of the Pong system. Pong was one of the first arcade games, which eventually spawned Atari’s Home Pong.

Alan said: “By 1975, Atari had succeeded in becoming dominant in the coin-operated entertainment business and moved on to making video games for the home market. We needed to run Pong on a single silicon chip so that a product can be built at a price that a consumer can afford.”


20,000-year-old tooth found on construction site

A woolly mammoth tooth was found at a construction site in Iowa.

Construction workers from DGR Engineering have discovered a tooth belonging to the extinct animal believed to be 20,000 years old.

Woolly mammoths are extinct relatives of elephants. They are believed to have lived during the Ice Age, but became extinct when the weather warmed.

Justin Blauwet, a worker – and fossil fanatic – was the one who suspected it was something from the Ice Age creature, and the “lucky find” was confirmed by scientists from the University of Iowa.

Tiffany Adrian, a paleontologist at the university, said: “While the discovery of mammoth remains is not uncommon in Iowa, once the bones and teeth are exposed, they may crumble. and quickly disappear because they are not completely fossilized.”

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