Streamers Playing MultiVersus Modded Earn WB Content Strikes

Warner Brother Games is officially cracking down on streamers and content creators who use MultiVersus Edited content in their videos and uploads, which earned said creators copyright strikes.

The Super Smash Bros. style Game MultiVersus came out with a bang, where some of the biggest content creators and streamers immediately took over the game and started creating content based around the intense combat and multiplayer modes. Of course, as with many other games, mods have been created to improve things such as character appearance, such as making WonderWoman more buff and skins that are not available in-game. The creators have embraced mods and have started streaming content using these mods, which is apparently no longer allowed.

Modding isn’t new to the gaming industry, but it seems that lately, especially with games that use Easy Anti-Cheat, have really slammed the hammer on who chooses to use mods. In July 2022, VRChat also decided to completely eradicate the use of mods, which caused outrage among players, as some of these mods were aimed at making the game more inclusive.

Players of the game who posted videos using these mods received takedown notices directly from Warner Brothers Games, one of which targeted a YouTube video where the creator used a Steve from Minecraft skin. After that, a Twitch streamer also received a notice after being discovered using a Breaking Bad background in-game rather than the standard one. MultiVersus main menu background.

Players of the game took to Twitter and the MultiVersus Discord channel to elaborate on their findings, and Tony Huynh, the director of MultiVersus, responded on Twitter in response to a player passing through RedshellOW, stating,

“Upon investigation, it’s because you streamed with a modified client.”

Further investigation by someone who qualifies as a “high profile gamer” was apparently able to chat with Tony Huynh directly via voice chat, where he reportedly stated that mods would not be tolerated long term and could end. until the players account is banned. The Discord chat indicates that WB is not at all happy with the current use of these mods, as skins are their main source of money. With the use of mods, players may not choose to purchase these new skins themselves from WB, meaning they will lose this income as the game progresses and develops.

To read the full tweet that was sent by @GhostsSoup regarding withdrawal notices, see the Player Tweet.

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