Sword Art Online Vol. 1 audiobook is perfect for easy listening

I always wanted to read Sword art online. Having seen all the animated adaptations and played the games, I know what’s going on there and more. But I never really found the time to read the original source novels. In the end, all I needed was around eight hours, in my experience with audiobook editing of the first Sword art online volume, Aincrad

Originally written by author Reki Kawahara as a web-only online novel, Sword art online was released as a lightweight novel under ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki Bunko imprint in 2009. The series has since gained the attention of audiences around the world, spawning numerous adaptations in manga, games, and anime. It was even restarted as Sword Art Online: Progressive (and it comes alive too).

By now, his story of a VR death game should be quite familiar to many. Kirito and a legion of gamers log on to the eponymous online role-playing game for its launch and are trapped inside by the game’s creator, Akihiko Kayaba. Kayaba presents the players with an ultimatum. To beat Sword art online by climbing to the top of the game world, or by dying in the real world.

The Sword Art Online: Aincrad The audiobook covers the original story of ‘The Arch of Aincrad’, which roughly matches the first fourteen episodes of the anime adaptation. If your first experience was through this, you will find notable omissions in the chapter’s programming. This is because some of the character-focused stories from Kirito’s time in Aincrad actually came from the second volume and were incorporated into that first season. As is Sword art online The experience of volume 1 passes at a surprising speed. Now familiar secondary characters like Lisbeth and Silica are missing from this main story. With the narrative so squarely centered around Kirito and Asuna, the story almost unfolds like a love story.

It’s also a tale that works particularly well with the audio format. As a light novel originally intended for teenagers, the story’s prose isn’t particularly demanding to read, or in this case, to hear. What looks a bit flat on the page works well as a voice in the ear, making Sword art online a great audiobook to listen to when you’re doing other things, like writing or working.

It gets better when you hear who’s telling this story: Bryce Papenbrook, the voice actor who plays Kirito in the anime. It’s an inspired choice, because Sword art online is written from a first person perspective. As a result, the effect is much like sitting down to hear Kirito tell his story in his own words. If there is one objection to be found, it is that the same effect turns a little bit around when the story tells of exchanges and dialogues with Sword art onlinethe now well-known supporting cast. Since Papenbrook is the only one reading the novel, the fact that he tries to speak with their voices makes Kirito seem like making impressions of his friends (and girlfriend!) For a stranger.

Sword art online volume 1 is a good start to a long and engaging light fiction series, perfectly suited to the advantages of the audiobook format.

The Sword art online The audiobook is available on Google Play Books, Audible, and Soundcloud. The series is available in print from Yen Press.

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