Sydney-based Deskflipper Studios Launches Tabletop TCG on Kickstarter

Sydney-based gaming start-up Deskflipper Studios has launched its all-new collectible card game Astera on Kickstarter. I reached out to Deskflipper’s founder and game designer Adrian Walker, who made the decision to set up a studio during the lockdown after Astera’s initial development began. “I was like, ‘Well, if I want to make this thing happen, I might as well start a business,'” he said. “After having fun thinking about different company names, I landed on Deskflipper Studios. “

Image: Astera / Deskflipper Studios.

According to Walker, working on Astera during containment has had its ups and downs. “I’m not going to lie, it was slow, but it had its advantages,” he said. “Spending a lot of time indoors with few distractions was a great environment to dive right into the game’s design, as well as do all of the graphic design work that needed to be completed. Luckily, as the lockdown began. Upon rising around the beginning of October, the game was mostly fully fleshed out and starting to commission works of art.

Astera is a collectible tabletop card game that allows players to control their own fleet of interstellar warships, where they will have their own “Star Wars” with their friends. Players build their decks with ship, tech, and tactics cards that each have unique effects and abilities. These effects and abilities are influenced by the six basic elements that exist in the game and are assigned to different cards.

In terms of inspiration for the creation of Astera, Walker said, “I actually started by thinking about the mechanics of the game first. I had the idea back in January to design a game where player turns would not just be a setting for the game to live in, but used as a resource that could be managed and used in interesting ways.

“Soon after, the idea for a sci-fi set came pretty quickly and I quickly fell in love with the aesthetic and feel that I started to design for it. After that, the time I spent starting to really flesh out the game was when I thought I had something pretty special on my hands here.

Astera appears to be a tabletop game created with genuine love and passion for the game format that underpins it and is the first game to come out of Deskflipper Studios. You can find more information about the game on their Kickstarter.

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