Sykkuno has a hilarious scare while playing a streaming game

YouTube Gaming’s newest exclusive streamer Thomas “Sykkuno” got spooked while streaming a first-person game.

Sykkuno took a break from playing multiplayer games like Valorant, Among Us, and Fortnite during his recent stream and decided to play a variety of other games.

While interacting with his fans and trying to beat the game, the former Twitch streamer was spooked by a loud non-playable character (NPC), which caused the content creator to almost swear on a live stream.

Sykkuno almost swears after having a jump scare in streaming

The famous streamer started streaming exclusively on YouTube Gaming Live earlier this month after shocking his fans by announcing he was switching livestreaming platforms. Since then, it has gained an average viewership of over 20,000 fans.

During a recent stream, the 30-year-old decided to play various games, including playing a game with a small playtime that could be completed in one sitting. He was progressing through the game and trying to finish it as soon as possible before ending the stream.

“Well, let’s just finish this one. It can’t be longer, can it?”

Some fans mentioned that the streamer’s voice sounded rather strange and according to them, it sounded like he was sinking underwater. He quickly observed viewers’ concerns and read them aloud, saying:

“Over here. Looks like you’re underwater. Like, my mic?”

At the same time, an in-game NPC zoomed into the in-game frame, which was followed by a loud gasping sound. This sudden in-game movement shocked the streamer, causing him to jump in fear.

He nearly swore live after the incident and chillingly mentioned:

” Eh ! What… Why was it so strong!

Sykkuno struggled to find the words to express his emotions and stumbled saying:

” Oh my God ! It wasn’t even. I do not even know ; was that supposed to be scary?

The OfflineTV (OTV) member tried to calm down and continued by turning down the audio and game sound.

“Guys, I gotta turn it down. I gotta turn it down. Alright, alright. Let’s turn it a little lower, a little lower.”

He questioned the game’s decision to make this particular NPC’s actions in-game scary.

“Was it supposed to be like that? That, that scared me but I don’t know if it was even meant to be scary or not. Whoo…”

He continued by playing and streaming the game for his fans and viewers.

Fans react to fear of Sykkuno playing the game

Fans in the YouTube comments section were also scared after watching the 50-second clip. Several fans have mentioned that the streamer will swear by playing a terrifying game on stream for the first time.

Fans react to the streamer's fear (Image via OfflineTV & Friends Fans/YouTube)
Fans react to the streamer’s fear (Image via OfflineTV & Friends Fans/YouTube)

Before Sykkuno switched to streaming exclusively on YouTube, he was one of the top content creators on Twitch, with 4,045,546 subscribers, and played GTA 5 for over a thousand hours.

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