TakeTwo teases game revealed this month, is it Ken Levine’s new game?

Take-Two Interactive plans to reveal a brand new IP address that will be released by March 2022.

GTA’s parent company Take-Two plans to release 62 games by 2024 (and one of them could be Grand Theft Auto 6). 21 of those games will launch this year, including a handful of new titles.

One of these new games will be unveiled this month. “In addition, later this month 2K will unveil details of another exciting new franchise slated to launch this fiscal year,” Take-Two Interactive chairman Karl Slatoff said on the 22 first quarter earnings conference call.

So what can it be? there are a few possibilities:

  • Ken Levine’s New Game – In 2017, BioShock creator Ken Levine rebranded Irrational Games to Ghost Story Games, a smaller studio focused on story-driven games. The project is now in later stages of production. There are reasons to believe this game is a Story-based FPS with RPG elements.
  • New game from Call of Duty developer Michael Condrey – A little while ago, Sledgehammer Games co-founder Michael Condrey left the studio and created 31st Union, a new team of game developers under 2K Games. The 31st Union is currently working on a new multiplayer game in a new IP.
  • Firaxis Marvel game – This project was leaked during E3 2021 and is described as Marvel meets XCOM, with turn-based mechanics. Not much else is known about the game.
  • New Volt IP – This was another leak from E3 2021 and has been described as “Saints Row meets Cthulhu”. It could be the sci-fi game that Mafia developer Hangar 13 has reportedly been working on.

Take-Two has 21 games slated for release in fiscal 2022 (now through March 31, 2022). Here is the breakdown:

  • 4 immersive base versions to buy – two titles from new franchises and two from existing titles.
  • 1 independent game
  • 10 free mobile games
  • 6 new iterations of previously available titles

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