Tanjea, the first free mobile P2E game is about to be launched

The new P2E game Tanjea is about to launch on the Ethereum blockchain. This RPG has many features that make the game not only fun but also profitable.

P2E games on the blockchain are becoming more and more popular due to the transparency of the blockchain and many attributes that allow players to earn solid rewards for time spent in the game. This is why most P2E games require an initial investment (for example, to buy a character or land). Tanjea does not require any initial investment or blockchain experience. Each new player receives their first character simply by creating their profile.

As in other blockchain-based games, Tanjea players can earn money by completing in-game objectives. They can use NFTs, in-game currencies, as well as “rental” and “staking” features. “. Currently hosted on Ethereum, the Tanjea mobile gaming ecosystem allows players to play and win for free. Gamers earn an ERC20 cryptocurrency called $TNJ to play mobile games they already love.

An RPG game at its core, Tanjea allows players to traverse many regions with incredibly unique topographies. Throughout these diverse lands, players will encounter mythical beasts known as Jeas. By planting Jea Baits, players can capture Jea NFTs that will help them complete tasks in the Tanjeaverse to earn $TNJ Tokens. Tanjea players are gradually building up a Jea NFT collection that they can use to complete more daily tasks through mini-games and PVP battles. $TNJ token payouts are based on daily leaderboards, so everyone has the opportunity to earn their share, alone or with teams of friends. Players are incentivized to maximize their $TNJ earnings, which gives them the potential to become the ruler of one of Tanjea’s kingdoms.

The game has unique features due to the symbiotic relationship between mini-games and full battle modes. Players use their Jea NFTs to participate in mini-games similar to mobile classics like Flappy Bird, Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, and more. In this mode, players obtain and train new Jeas for the full battle mode. In the full battle mode that is currently in development, players form teams of their trained Jeas to fight for resource nodes on game lands in this P2E gaming metaverse. Landowners lure players to their land to compete and share resources and $TNJ rewards. Land options are plentiful, and even more are yet to be discovered on Tanjea. Players gradually build up a Jea NFT collection that they can use to complete more daily tasks through mini-games and PVP battles.

Winning real money while having fun is one of the main reasons why play-to-earn games are becoming extremely popular.

With its native $TNJ ERC20 token and the ability to create a collection of Jea NFTs, Tanjea takes blockchain gaming to new heights. Fascinating games will be added to populate the new Tanjeaverse. Stay tuned for more details, see how it’s being developed, and follow us on:

Twitter https://twitter.com/tanjeaverse;

Discord https://discord.com/invite/tanjea

Visit https://www.tanjea.com

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