Tech gifts for dads and graduates with Marc Saltzman

OTTAWA – Marc Saltzman has been writing about technology for 27 years.

It was long before he was a dad or the “father of graduates”.

When he began to transform “geek talk” into “street talk” (this is the theme of his technical radio talk show on Newstalk 580 CFRA), innovations were not coming to the market. gigahertz speed.

Saltzman is busier by the day, testing and researching the technology as it hits the market.

So these suggestions are about technology that makes a dad’s or graduate’s downtime much more enjoyable and relaxing.

With this technology, Saltzman can spend his Father’s Day playing outside while dinner is being prepared, and he can see when his family arrives without moving a muscle.

He’s a motivated guy but it’s nice to have a day off.

Isn’t that what technology is supposed to do?

The technological choices of Marc Saltzman’s fathers and graduates and why he loves them:

Nintendo Switch($ 399)

Versatile gaming system for playing at home or on the go, with new titles like Game Builder Garage ($ 39) and Mario Golf: Super Rush ($ 79)

Nintendo’s ‘secret sauce’ is that their games are easy to pick up, but impossible to let go. These two are no different. Game Builder Garage is great because it blurs the lines between the player and the creator of the game. game – even if you don’t have one. game programming experience. Mario Golf: Super Rush is great for dads who would like to be on the fairway, ”Saltzman said.

LG C1 OLED TV (from $ 2,099)

Whether dad enjoys sports, games, TV shows or movies, this is an ultra-thin 4K Smart TV, great for the latest consoles (fast frame rates), clear and loud sound and sizes up to 83 inches.

“In case you haven’t laid your eyes on an OLED TV yet, they’re ridiculously thin because no backlighting is required – every pixel (dot) is self-illuminated – which can provide ‘perfect blacks’ too. because the pixel can just turn off its light (exceptional contrast ratio), ”Saltzman said.

“High-end TVs like LG’s C1 Series OLED TVs are also energy efficient because they sip rather than swallow electricity (we all know what we pay for electricity in Ontario!).”

Marc Saltzman

HP OMEN Laptop 15: (from $ 1,699)

For the dad and graduate who enjoys working hard and playing hard, the HP OMEN 15 is the perfect laptop for work and life.

“Great for Dad’s 9-5 work life, as well as 5-9 downtime. A versatile laptop like the HP OMEN 15 has enough power to handle the most demanding work-related applications, as well. as the umph needed for gaming, 4K video streaming, and more. This laptop also works with Omen Gaming Hub, software that lets you customize what the hardware does (like RGB lighting on the keyboard), you can earn rewards, and more, ”Saltzman said.

Marc Saltzman

D-Link Wi-Fi 6 Solutions

Get the speed you need, plus support for more simultaneous devices on the network with the D-Link AX3260 Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router ($ 179) and the first Wi-Fi 6 USB wireless adapter in the world ($ 79).

“All of these gadget gift ideas require strong WiFi. The latest standard is WiFi 6, delivering up to three times the speed of the previous generation (called 802.11ac). More importantly, this router maybe MESH compatible, which means you can add “access points” to various rooms to expand the range of your Wi-Fi signal (even outdoors), ”Saltzman said.

“As a world first, the WiFi 6 USB adapter can plug into a laptop or desktop computer, to be compatible with the WiFi 6 platform.”

Amazon Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 ($ 324.99)

This is Ring’s premium wired video doorbell with advanced features like 3D motion detection, bird’s eye view, enhanced HD + video, quick answers and head-to-toe video .

“As with its predecessors, this video doorbell lets you see who’s at your door and talk to them in real time – even if you’re not inside – but this premium wired doorbell has features like as “head to toe” video (see more), HD audio (read more), support for your Alexa smart speaker (have your assistant speak to the courier, for example, saying something like “Please leave the package behind the railing” and a bird’s-eye video, which uses radar to see the movement of the person on your property for extra peace of mind. “

Amazon Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

Traeger Ironwood Pellet Grills (from $ 1599)

These high-tech grills are both barbecues and smokers, powered by wood pellets and exclusive WiFIRE technology that lets you wirelessly control everything over the Traeger app, smart home devices and your Apple Watch.

The Traeger Ironwood 650, with its 649 square foot cooking area, or the larger Traeger Ironwood 885, with 885 square feet of cooking space, let you grill a steak and veg, smoke a brisket, or baking an apple pie – all in the same unit – and using 100% real hardwood pellets as the fuel source, ”Saltzman said.

“When it comes to intelligence, Traeger’s WiFIRE technology lets you monitor or control the temperature (even from inside your home) through a companion app, which includes access to over 1,600 recipes, l Apple Watch support on your wrist or using voice commands through a Google or Amazon smart speaker. With the latter, you can say something like “Alexa, set the probe temperature to 200 degrees”, “OK Google , how hot is the food on the grill? ”or, ‘Alexa, set a 20 minute timer on . ‘ Essentially, WiFIRE connects the grill’s sensors to the companion app, and there’s also a meat probe included to monitor the exact temperature inside your meal. “

Traeger Ironwood Pellet Grills

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