Tesla steps up efforts to deliver video games to drivers

It’s no secret that Tesla’s vehicles can play video games, but a new job posting suggests the company is stepping up its efforts on the service.

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You’re here in the past, has been very vocal about the support of video games for its vehicles. Now, a new job posting at Tesla suggests the company is doubling down on service.

It’s still quite strange to talk about cars as video game platforms, but that’s the reality that Tesla created. With the powerful infotainment screen built into the center console of most Tesla vehicles, drivers can play a handful of games on the spot. However, the majority of these titles are largely arcade games, like Fallout shelter and BeachBuggy Racing 2, although gamers can plug in a controller to play titles like Cup head. Earlier this year, it was reported that the Tesla Model S Plaid had PS5-level performance, company CEO Elon Musk showing Cyberpunk 2077 running at 60FPS strictly through the car.

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A new job posting at Tesla may indicate the company is starting to get more serious about its video game offerings. The position is for a “Video Games Engineer, Infotainment Software”, where the lucky candidate will have “the incredibly rare opportunity to help create a video game platform”, directly in the console of the vehicles of You’re here. Tesla is well aware of the challenge this job is hired for, saying, “Our goal is to set the bar for what video games can be in a car; a lot of it is uncharted territory that has never been explored. done before. ” If the Tesla is to play games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and having a lot of them, it will take brilliant engineers to make the platform worth buying.

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The responsibilities of the video game engineer are similar to those of engineers at other game development studios. Candidates should expect to “design, design, implement and debug game platform interfaces and systems” and “work with a cross-functional team of hardware engineers, application software engineers / UI , QA / validation and designers ”, among other responsibilities. Tesla was recruiting for roles in video games a while back, so it looks like this position may be one of the supporting roles in the continued development of its on-board architecture, rather than developing it from scratch. Fluency in C ++ and a solid understanding of computer science are just some of the requirements Tesla looks for.

As Tesla points out in the job listing, this is an area that is still under study – even video games themselves are one medium still under study. It’s hard to see the use of putting big budget video games in a vehicle, when you can just walk into your house and play on a more traditional system, or on your phone to play arcade games. offered by Tesla. Elon Musk wants more games in Tesla cars, and in order to do that, engineers must answer the question of why a You’re here the car should be able to play video games.

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