The 10 best RPG Maker games of all time

Thanks to Unreal Engine and Unity, it’s never been easier for independent developers to create their own games. As the aforementioned software is largely geared towards developing 3D titles, however, those hoping to replicate the 16-bit style of the mid-90s often turn to the excellent Enterbrain. RPG Creator. Some of the games that resulted were really spectacular.

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First released almost three decades ago, the package has grown into one of the largest and easiest to use game design programs on the market. Although primarily geared towards RPGs, it can be used to create games across a wide range of genres; giving its users the power to customize just about every element of their designs as they go. This has led to some unique titles over the years, many of which are definitely worth checking out.

ten Crooked man

Crooked man is a 2D indie horror game with a solid narrative that expertly guides players to its multiple branching endings. It might not be too much to watch, but the dark and eerie atmospheres created by the developer really draw players into the game world and make it a spooky and enjoyable adventure.

While some of the other titles in Uri Games’ The Strange Man series have slightly better visuals, none of them are quite able to match the excellence of the developer’s first title when it comes to the tone and narration. That said, the others are definitely worth checking out, especially considering how cheap they all are on Steam.

9 Skyborn

Like many games made with RPG Maker, Skyborn is a relatively short affair. What lacks in length, however, more than makes up for its overall quality. The story of the game is excellent and features a sympathetic cast of interesting characters. The soundtrack offers a lot of variety as well, and the combat is intuitive, albeit a bit generic at times.

What really sets the game apart is the obvious lack of grinding, with players able to fight as much or as little as they want on their way to the game’s climax. There is also a combat arena. for those who really want to push themselves to the limit and taking on all the challenges that are there can help complete the news of the game.

8 The path

First release in 2008, The path is an epic six-part series that tells the story of a young warrior named Rhue as he searches for his true love. Some of the episodes are definitely stronger than others, although each plays their part well in the overall narrative while also introducing some interesting new characters that the player can interact with.

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Although it may initially look like another generic RPG Creator title, there’s a lot more depth to the game than it looks. Much of this can be found in the main story, but Rhue and his companions are arguably just as worthy of exploration, if not more. The game’s combat is perfectly usable, and the mini-games and branching storylines can help round out its otherwise short length.

7 Corpse Day

The 16-bit gore that punctuates the first Corpse Day the game may not be as punchy or graphic as some of the scenes found in the likes of resident Evil and Inner evil, but he is still able to create a terrifying atmosphere. This and the fantastic characters in the game are its greatest assets, although that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of other stuff to enjoy here.

The story of the game does a great job of evoking the emotions of the players, usually killing characters that they had slowly become attached to. The music is great too, only the in-game visuals really hold it. Those who are able to look past that will likely have a lot of fun with the game, while those who aren’t may want to consider checking out one of the more recent entries in the series instead.

6 Yume Nikki

Yume Nikki was created in RPG Maker

Visually, Yume Nikki reminiscent of the classic RPG of the 90s, Tied to the earth. The experience it offers, however, couldn’t be more different. It’s a weird, free-to-play adventure game that takes place in a wide array of dynamic and varied locations and features some unique mechanics that really help set the game apart from other indie titles.

There is no real goal or objective to speak of, with players just supposed to explore the wacky and wonderful world of the game. It can be quite trippy at times and really terrifying at others, with some of the dreams players have. have access to dark and depressing themes. Not everyone will appreciate it, but those looking for something a little different will certainly find it here.

5 Ara Fell: improved edition

Ara has fallen and its enhanced edition really does a great job of capturing the classic 16-bit RPG vibes that were first popularized by people like Mana Secret and Final Fantasy VI. It really looks fantastic and has a well thought out combat system that is very easy to pick up and rarely looks like a grind. Gear upgrades are also fairly straightforward and are a great way to manage player progress.

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Unfortunately, however, the story is somewhat mixed. It’s certainly pretty well presented and moving at a steady pace, but it’s starting to stumble a bit as it nears its disappointing climax. That shouldn’t be enough to mar the entire experience for most players, although it does detract from the overall excellence of the game a bit.

4 LISA: The painful one

LISA: The painful one is a lovely and humorous game that tackles some pretty serious issues along the way. At its core, it’s a game about survival and the sacrifices people have to make to maintain their own physical and mental well-being. Players will be faced with a lot of tough decisions and will likely learn a lot about themselves as they progressively progress towards the end of the story.

There are over 30 different party members for players to find and recruit, as well as the weird minigame to distract from the main story when needed. It can be a bit depressing at times and some of the choices can be difficult to make, but the overall experience is a positive one that will likely stick with players long after they are done playing.


OMORI was created in RPG Maker

While its combat and gameplay can be reasonably straightforward, the narrative threads that combine to make up OMORIthe main story of this is anything but. The themes and ideas covered in the game are both dark and deep, but there is a certain beauty to be discovered by exploring them that most other games just can’t provide.

At first glance, it may seem like another Subtitle clone, but all similarities to the title Toby Fox are purely superficial. Presentation is only a small part of what makes the game as enjoyable as it is, with the narrative doing the vast majority of the heavy lifting. The soundtrack deserves special mention, however, because just like that found in Subtitle, it perfectly complements what is happening on the screen.

2 A shot

Despite being made in RPG Creator, A shot chooses to focus primarily on puzzle solving rather than turn-based combat. It works surprisingly well and is backed by a fantastic soundtrack, a wide array of well-designed environments, and one of the best indie game protagonists of all time. For as well-realized as Niko is though, the gender-ambiguous cat-person is just one of many great characters to appear throughout the game.

The visuals can be a bit basic, but combine well enough with the music to create an ever-changing atmosphere that matches the tone and content of the story. It’s not too difficult either, although it’s just enough of a challenge for the progress to be rewarding for players. The real price, however, comes from the player’s interactions with Niko, which are both memorable and uplifting in equal measure.

1 To the moon

To the moon is one of the best indie games ever made and excels in almost every area. He looks gorgeous, is easy to pick up and play, and is full of interesting, well-written characters to interact with is an absolute joy. Where the game really shines, however, is through its unique story, which is both expertly told and beautifully presented.

Players take control of two medics as they weave their way through a patient’s memories in order to make their last wish come true. In doing so, they will learn all about Johnny’s interesting past while meeting some of the people who have helped shape his life. The melodious piano soundtrack that accompanies them on their journey is also truly delicious and serves as a metaphorical icing on a perfectly baked cake.

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