The Ascent ‘pushes the quality’ of visuals on Xbox Series X / S, says Dev

But Unreal Engine 4 still allows the developer to maintain as much parity as possible between generations.

Neon Giant’s next cyberpunk action RPG Ascension has impressed in more than one way about everything we’ve seen so far, and the game’s impressive visual quality is one of the many ways to achieve this. Excellent lighting, artistry, and level of detail seem to come together to deliver a delightful visual ensemble in this game, and it’s honestly a little surprising how much the developer seems to have been able to achieve here.

We recently spoke about the game with creative director and co-founder of Neon Giant, Tor Frick, and asked about the game’s visuals and how the developer has used the power of the Xbox Series X for the same. Frick explained how the new hardware allowed Neon Giant to “push the quality up,” while also saying that using Unreal Engine 4 has allowed the developer to maintain as much visual parity as possible on the Xbox One. and the Xbox Series X / S of the game. versions.

“We put emphasis on shaders and dynamic lighting, as well as intense visuals and physics, all to make the world feel detailed and vibrant, with satisfying feedback for player actions,” said said Frick. “Blowing things up has to look, sound and feel good!” But the fast paced gameplay also works best at high frame rate with low latency and high resolution sharpness! Fortunately, on the X series we can do both at the same time. Working with Unreal 4 allows us to maintain as much parity as possible from the Xbox One to the Xbox Series X, while still pushing the quality up with the next gen releases. “

In the same interview, Frick also told us about the Xbox Series X hardware in general and its potential in the years to come, as well as the Xbox console exclusivity of Ascension. Our full interview will be live soon, so stay tuned for that.

Ascension releases July 29 for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC.

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