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After two long years of waiting, WWE 2K22 was finally released. While many of 2K22 new features are sure to provide many hours of entertainment, nothing beats visiting the creator’s studio and creating a unique superstar, starter or moveset. However, in creator mode, it’s easy to forget that players can create their own unique arenas. Create Arena allows the player to create any type of arena imaginable. Also, thanks to Community Creations, the player is likely to find someone who had the same idea as them.

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There are a wide variety of arenas available for download, whether it’s an exact recreation of a real-world arena or another fandom brought into the realm of wrestling. Dozens of custom sites have already been submitted to the server. With so many, there are bound to be those who stand out from the rest. Here are the top 10 produced arenas that every gamer should have.


6/6 Impact! Struggle

It’s no secret that many wrestlers on the WWE roster learned their craft from TNA. Prior to joining WWE, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, R-Truth and Samoa Joe all worked for the Nashville-based company. An arena modeled on the original impact zone would be a nice addition to any player-built arenas.

The stage is brilliantly lit in crimson, with several spotlights lined up on both the titantron and the access ramp. The ring, while relatively simple, fits Impact Wrestling’s setup perfectly. Even though WWE has decided not to fully open the forbidden door at this year’s Royal Rumble, this particular arena is more than enough for AJ Styles or any past or current TNA or Impact Wrestling star to relive their beautiful days.

5/6 NXT 2.0

BruiserManagerENG, the creator of this arena, did a fantastic job of replicating the newly revamped Performance Center using NXT’s colorful new color scheme. The ringside area, while plain with basic white railings, is as authentic as it gets. The ring looks great with its blue strings, and let’s not forget the apron covered on all four sides with the new NXT 2.0 logo.

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The stage is very well designed, with the vibrant colors of NXT’s facelift splashed throughout the stage and titantron. Although the true brilliance of NXT 2.0 is missing from this production, WWE 2K22 best captures it.

4/6 New Japan Pro Wrestling

Although not as well-known as companies like Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling has produced some of WWE’s top superstars. Stars like Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles, as well as unexpected names like Brock Lesnar and Hulk Hogan, have visited the Land of the Rising Sun.

With a number of WWE Superstars and the ability to create unique New Japan wrestlers for the game, the player may wish to replicate the Tokyo Dome, Korakuen Hall or any of the other NJPW arenas. Creator KingGroundhog has done a great job giving WWE 2K22 the clarity of a place in New Japan. The extravagant stage design resembles something out of a Wrestle Kingdom event, with the New Japan logo standing above the entrance.

3/6 Marvel Vs. DC Arena

As soon as the player enters this Marvel vs DC arena, it is clear that this is one of the most inventive arenas ever created for Community Creations. It’s a sight to behold with Thor, Black Widow, and Iron Man versus Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. While the ring itself is standard, the apron features Marvel and DC logos. The fact that there are two ringside announcement tables, one for each franchise, is also a nice addition.

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Fans can wait a long time to see Marvel and DC Comics characters face off on the big screen. Still, that shouldn’t stop fans from seeing their favorite superheroes do battle in this well-designed arena.

2/6 Wrestle Mania 38

Obviously, many WWE fans want to create their own arenas, so they can relive their favorite WWE moments from the past or give their own superstars a realistic home arena. While it takes a lot of skill to piece together an arena piece by piece as accurately as possible, it takes just as much, if not more, work to create an arena based on an event that hasn’t happened yet.

There are several ways to create the WrestleMania 38 set, but this one from WilloWrestling is the best. The most important parts of a WrestleMania stage are also present, such as a large outdoor arena and a huge canopy above the ring.

1/6 SmackDown 2003-2005

TJFromXTheSt did an amazing job recreating the SmackDown heyday set that many fans will remember. The ring looks great, with the classic SMACKDOWN! logo displayed on both sides of the apron and an advertisement for WWE displayed on the other.

The best part of this creation is the scene, which brings back SmackDown’s handsome fist. On top of that, the dual screens on either side of the fist and the video monitor at the entrance really take the player back to when the blue brand was at its best. Not to mention the fact that WWE’s old scratch off logo is prominently displayed above the stage. TJ deserves praise for the overall excellence of this venue.

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