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If you’ve just bought a new PlayStation console, you probably have a long list of games you want to play.

There are plenty of proprietary exclusives to choose from, not to mention the library of free titles you can download at no additional cost.

And right now Sony has a few PS4 and PS5 games to play, whatever your gaming tastes are.

One game that gets some hype in 2021 just happens to be free to play, a term used for a title that can be played to a certain point before it needs to be purchased.

But even though City KO don’t scratch that gaming itch you have, there are tons of other games to choose from.

But the great thing to note about Knockout City is that this is a recently released game available on multiple platforms that is proving to be very popular.

And this is very important, because you want to spend time in something with a decent future.

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There are plenty of free games to choose from on PS4 and PS5, but it might be pointless to get good if no one is playing them anymore.

That probably won’t be a problem for Knockout City in 2021, a new Dodgeball brawler from EA that’s launched into a very crowded market.

The good news is that KC has a growing player base, lots of new content planned, and constant cross-platform support.

So if you have friends who are playing on PC or Xbox, you won’t have too much trouble getting into a game together.

Commenting on the recent success of the games, EA released this statement regarding the growing player base and free trial status:

“Since launch we’ve seen 5 million new brawlers join us in matches, there has been amazing and unexpected gameplay, hundreds of thousands of crews have been formed, over half a billion knockouts have been achieved. landed, millions of hours of gameplay have been watched, and – dare we say it? – thousands of friendships have been forged along the way. Who knew you could tie yourself up by hitting yourself in the face with a dodge ball?

“It’s amazing to see everyone checking out the game for free during Block Party, and we know it’s a game you really have to play to appreciate how much fun it is, so we wanted to keep the game free to try. .anyone who hasn’t been able to verify it before now.

“That’s why we decided to keep having fun by giving new brawlers the opportunity to start playing for free and level up (currently at Street Rank 25) before they have to purchase the game. C is also enough playing time to teach them how to pass the ball. “

In summary, Knockout City is free until you reach Rank 25, after which you will need to purchase the game for 19.99, or subscribe to EA Play.

But that should still give everyone enough time to determine if they want to continue playing through the dodgeball mania.

If you don’t like the mechanics available in Knockout City, there are plenty of other free games to play right now.


An action RPG that costs nothing to download, Genshin Impact features a story to follow and plenty of characters to unlock.

Deemed to be a Zelda Breath of the Wild scam ahead of launch, Genshin shares some DNA with the popular Nintendo game, only to offer its own flavor of combat and world-building mechanics.

Definitely worth a visit if you’ve just bought a PS5 and are looking to try something a little different today.


Fortnite Battle Royale may have started as a free-to-play spin-off, but the shooter has long surpassed the original in content and popularity.

Fortnite continues to excel by offering a mix of intense shooter play mixed with fast-paced building and territory control, fueled by regular content updates.

Winning a game means becoming the last person standing, while running the storm in an increasingly smaller area that soon fills with enemies to defend against.

It might not be for everyone, but it’s hard to skip one of the most popular Battle Royale games of recent years that shows no signs of slowing down.

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