The case for Kojima Productions to create a new game before Death Stranding 2

It’s been almost six years since legendary game creator Hideo Kojima and his re-integrated team at Kojima Productions freelance to work on brand new projects. Kojima’s first post-Konami game, Death stranding, released with mixed reviews in 2019, and since then fans have been speculating and anticipating the sequel to the legendary author and his team.

There have been several rumors about Kojima Productions’ upcoming project, with the studio itself confirming that it is working on a brand new action game through several job postings. From film projects to manga, from a title released on Xbox to a possible one Death stranding next, Kojima Production’s next project is everywhere. However, for a studio of only a hundred people, only one of these projects could probably come out anytime soon, if at all. Here’s why it could be something other than Death Stranding 2.

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Death Stranding: Director’s Cut replaces Death Stranding 2

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Death stranding It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a once in a lifetime experience. The game does a great job of wrapping up the story arcs for its diverse cast of characters, and it’s hard to imagine them returning for a sequel, although Norman Reedus claims otherwise. The most of Death strandingComplaints boil down to the lack of variety in its gameplay, that the next Death Stranding: Director’s Cup seems adamant in fixing. In addition to adding more crossing and combat tools, the Director’s Cup Also includes new optional activities like Fragile Circut, which serves as a much-needed fun distraction in the dark open world of Death stranding.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cup seems to be the answer to the many reviews that have surfaced since the original debuted. As a result, it feels like a carefully curated experiment primarily targeting an audience that couldn’t get into Death stranding or left it halfway. If it really is, then it doesn’t make sense to let go Death Stranding 2 right after releasing a heavy and invigorated version of the first Death stranding. Although this is only speculation, the fate of a Death stranding the rest may also depend on the sales of Death Stranding: Director’s Cup, which further eradicates the possibility that this is the immediate project of Koijma Productions.

Kojima hinted at other possibilities

Kojima and Mads (not shown)

Kojima has new ideas

Hideo Kojima is known to tease his future plans through cryptic statements and vague social media posts, and it’s no surprise his fans are always on the hunt for information that might give them a glimpse of his next one. project. Interestingly, over the past year, Kojima has hinted at projects that are nothing like Death Stranding 2.

At this year’s Summer Game Fest, Kojima diligently suggested that his next game would be an even more drastic jump than Death stranding, in which he said that “entertainment cannot fall behind.” This neither confirms nor denies the existence of several rumored projects that Kojima Productions is working on, although it does fuel the fire when it comes to rumors about the alleged cloud-based Xbox game. If it exists, it would be a huge step forward in a multitude of ways. Even though Kojima suggested he would start from scratch for a Death Stranding 2, it might not be as drastic a change as a cloud-based game developed for a platform unknown to Kojima Productions.

A Death Stranding: Director’s Cup is a reasonable move to entice Kojima fans to give Death stranding another blow, although it may not be enough to fill the void of the Solid metal gear games or the silent Hill reboot that is survived by the iconic TP. If the next Director’s Cup is any indication, so it looks like Kojima Productions is more than willing to listen and apply fan feedback rather than doubling down Death stranding. As such, the possibility that the studio’s next game will be something that mostly appeals to established Kojima fans is much higher than doing something like Death Stranding 2, which, despite its rigorous efforts, may not be something the wider audience is looking for.

Death stranding is available on PC and PS4. Death Stranding: Director’s Cup will launch on September 24, 2021 for PS5

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