The creator of snowboard 1080 is ready for a new game if Nintendo is

Giles Goddard, creator of 1080 Snowboarding, will totally make a 1080 Switch if Nintendo asks for it.

Giles Goddard worked at Nintendo for almost 20 years, learning the tools of the game trade with Shigeru Miyamoto on N64 titles such as Mario, Star Fox and Wave Race. He’s currently working on the spiritual successor to 1080 Snowboarding, so he’s touring the internet to generate hype for his next product.

It means a Reddit AMA, and in such Reddit AMA, Goddard has revealed his openness to creating a 1080 version for the Switch.

“If Nintendo wanted to make a Switch 1080, I would say, ‘Sure, I’ll do it'” Goddard responded to a Redditor asking his willingness to port 1080 Snowboarding to the Switch. Or maybe remake / remaster the game for Switch – while the Switch isn’t exactly graphics powerhouse, it’s still better than the Nintendo 64.

Goddard is actually the creator of 1080 Snowboarding, released in 1998. Perhaps the most visually appealing N64 game when it was released, 1080 Snowboarding was by far the best snowboarding game at the time and paved the way for it. other extreme sports games like Tony Hawk’s Professional Skater. He eventually sold 1,250,000 units and developed a cult following that was somewhat disappointed with GameCube’s sequel, 1080 Avalanche.

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Goddard did not participate in 1080 Avalanche. By this point, he had left Nintendo to start his own development studio, Vitei, which helped develop various Nintendo titles such as Doshin the Giant, Steel Diver, and Tank Troopers. Vitei rebranded itself as Chuhai Labs in 2020 and recently revealed 1080 Snowboarding’s spiritual successor, Carve Snowboarding, which is in development for virtual reality.

That said, in the same Reddit AMA, Goddard answered another question about whether Carve could bring Carve to the Switch and the PS5 eventually: “We have both development kits, so yeah that’s very likely!

Carve Snowboarding is still a long way off given its lack of a release date. It will arrive on Oculus first, but we’ll be sure to point out the details of the Switch of PS5 version.

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