The entire Star Wars saga was created by a video game prequel comic

Jedi vs Sith provides an exciting backstory for Dark Force II: Jedi Knight, but it also sets up the entire Star Wars saga in the process.

All star wars saga was created by Star Wars: Jedi vs. Sitha 1997 video game tie-in comic series Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. A key element of Dark Forces II The story is Kyle Katarn’s quest to stop Imperial Inquisitor Jerec and his group of dark side users from harnessing the power of the legendary Valley of the Jedi, a battleground where ancient Jedi and Sith have faced a thousand years before the star wars saga. Jedi vs. Sith depicts the final battles of the Ruusan Campaign, not only explaining the Valley of the Jedi, but also showing the origins of the prequel-era Sith Lords, whose victory over the Jedi was shown in the prequel trilogy.


Written by Darko Macan (who also wrote Vader’s quest) and in pencil by Ramón F. Bachs (whose later works include Jango Fett: open seasons), Jedi vs. Sith explains how the hundreds of Jedi and Sith spirits became trapped in the Valley of the Jedi, creating the Force bond that Jerec sought to absorb. The battle was an extremely costly Jedi victory, with the Sith creating a thought bomb, an extremely deadly dark side power, to wipe out nearly all combatants. While the conflict now exists in the star wars legends canon and not in official Disney continuity, influential details from the arc later inspired key details from the franchise’s early history.

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Although hundreds of Jedi Knights and nearly every Sith Lord died from the effects of the thought bomb, Darth Bane survived, taking on a new apprentice, Darth Zannah, and preserving the Sith Order through his new rule of two. Jedi vs. Sith does much more than explain the Valley of the Jedi, it also shows the origin of Darth Bane’s Sith dynasty, whose Dark Lords include Darth Sidious, Darth Maul, Darth Tyranus, and Darth Vader, all of whom are major villains in the star wars saga. Jedi vs. Sith explains why the Sith actually wanted revenge in the star wars prequel trilogy.

Jedi vs. Sith Battle of Ruusan

Darth Bane was part of Lord Kaan’s Dark Brotherhood, the last iteration of the Sith Order before their destruction on Ruusan in what would become the Valley of the Jedi. Bane was critical of Kaan and the organization of his Sith Lords, as well as being all too aware of the Sith Order’s predilection for backstabbing. Jedi vs. Sithshows Bane devising the Rule of Two before Kaan’s death, and the near-destruction of the Sith wipes the slate clean for him, allowing only two Dark Lords to exist at a time.

The Jedi believed the Sith had been wiped out in the final battle of the Ruusan campaign, but Bane revolutionized the Sith, having them replace their armor and brutality with cloaks and intrigue as they existed in secret, growing in power. until they can take revenge. . The most powerful and intelligent Dark Lord of Darth Bane’s Sith Order, Palpatine, eventually embraced this revenge, rotting the Galactic Republic into an autocratic Sith-ruled Galactic Empire and destroying the ancient Jedi Order in the process, paving the way for the original. star wars trilogy.

While Jedi vs. Sith does a great job of contextualizing Dark Forces IIit bucked the tie-media trend by becoming probably the most important comedy storyline in the star wars franchise, offering an in-depth look at the epic battle that kicked off the series of events fans know from the movies. Although no longer fully in canon, Jedi vs. Sith actually fits the star wars legends banner better than most original Expanded Universe stories, being a personal account of an ancient battle whose larger consequences remain relevant even in the most recent star wars stories – a true “legend” that still offers fascinating insight into the history of the franchise.

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