The Long Dark Dev elaborates on the future of gaming

The Long Dark is not the newest game. In fact, it’s an eight-year-old game. So some may find it confusing that it’s getting its first paid DLC later this year. Hinterland Studio released a developer diary that looked back at the time since the game launched and even mentioned a few of the things players can expect from the survival game.

“One of the challenges of supporting Survival and Story Mode in The Long Dark has always been managing our resources to maintain them. Delivering Wintermute was a promise, an obligation, but continuing to support Survival Mode was a choice,” the blog said. . “We did this to ensure that our Survival players didn’t feel overlooked while we worked on the story episodes, but as a result, part of the ‘magic’ that drove the early years of success of The Long Dark and the growth of the game We weren’t able to update Survival as frequently, as our studio focus was necessarily split between the two modes, and those frequent updates were a big part of what helped the game to take off.

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“Last year we conducted a community survey, asking how you would like us to devote our attention to the future of The Long Dark. Among other helpful feedback, we found that nearly 80% of you wanted us to start producing paid expansion content for Survival Mode.”

The team will be looking to add something in the vein of a season pass which will include “a 15-18 month update campaign that will unlock for everyone who has purchased the pass. Updates will come to a steady pace during this period.”

Plus, anyone who doesn’t want to pay for the pass will also have access to at least some new content. “So we’ll also continue to provide free updates to the Survival base game, so anyone who doesn’t buy the pass will get something. These updates will generally be smaller, more modest improvements to what you will be added to the paid content feed, which seems fair.”

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