The T20 WC has become the ‘win the draw, win the match’ event: Ian Chappell


Former Australian skipper Ian Chappell said the recently concluded T20 World Cup saw teams chasing more games and the draw played a big role in giving chasers an advantage. Australia won the 2021 T20 World Cup after the team led by Aaron Finch beat New Zealand in the summit clash in Dubai.

“Australia ultimately won the major trophy that eluded them for over a decade – the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. Take with the right amount of containment,” Chappell wrote in his column for ESPNcricinfo. also got the chance to win the draw when it really mattered, in a tournament where major games too often became a “win the draw, win the game” event. It was one of the main drawbacks of a very successful tournament, ”he added.

Chappell also said lawmakers need to find a way so that teams winning the toss don’t end up having a big advantage in the game’s shorter format. improve the T20 format. To make it even more popular than it is, tournaments need to include a way to ensure that the game does not become about winning the draw. There seem to be two points There are widely divergent views on T20 cricket, ”said Chappell.

Longtime cricket fans fear that the game will turn out to be an all-powerful event that favors muscular six-stroke hitters in games all too often won by the pursuit team. Then there is the opinion of the not-so-perceptive fan, who isn’t worried about the apparent lack of bat-and-ball competition and can’t get enough of the six-hitting mammoth, “he added. The former Australia also suggested that the shorter format quickly became mere “entertainment” and that the balance should be restored.

“Then there is the balance between sport and entertainment. In my opinion, the balance in T20 cricket should be around 60:40 from sport to entertainment. At the moment it is lopsided and too much. in favor of pure entertainment. Administrators need to both strike the ideal balance between bat and ball and educate fans on the values ​​of cricket, “said Chappell.” It’s good when the deliveries in between end in the stands, but a bowler should be extremely angry if a glaring miss still clears the ropes. This problem isn’t that pronounced on the big Australian pitches, but I’m not sure what the genie produced the ridiculous mix of better bats and smaller limits. This combination reduces bowlers to virtual bowling machines. This is a serious blow to good bowlers and needs to be rectified immediately, ”he added. (ANI)

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