The ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere to drive football forward: AIFF member Anilkumar

The ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere to drive football forward, Anilkumar Prabhakaran said as he chaired a meeting of the Football Federation of India competition committee in Delhi on Tuesday. National Football Championships (NFC) at all age levels should be more exciting and productive, according to the competition committee, and offered various recommendations during the meeting.

After the meeting, Anilkumar went into more detail on how these suggestions will help promote greater involvement and advance Indian football. “Our ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere to move the game forward. We try both ways. The club leagues go to one side and without disturbing them, we create a platform for players who are not part of it. a chance to show their caliber and find the ladder required to reach the top,” said Anilkumar.

The chairman of the competition committee said he also had other plans in mind. “In the past, there was an Under-21 Championship (M Dutta Ray Trophy), which was stopped in between. Now we have proposed that it should be restarted immediately. We want to integrate the level NFCs youth in the system which give an additional opportunity for youngsters to show their skills to Hero ISL and Hero I-league clubs, and also give clubs an opportunity to scout players across India.The aim is to create a platform -form where players can play a lot more games than they get in NFCs of any age group,” he said.

“At the very beginning, let’s take the case of the Hero Santosh Trophy, the NFC for senior men. We strongly believe that the glory days of the Santosh Trophy should be brought back, so that it attracts more and more eyes and wins the National Championship senior men. Championship football on a whole new level,” Anilkumar said. “We have recommended that the legacy competition now be held on a zonal basis. The final round of the competition will feature a total of 12 teams (10 qualified states, plus utilities and railroads). In the zonal phase, the The United States will be divided into seven groups of five to six teams each, with the seven group leaders and the two best runners-up, as well as the hosts advancing to the playoffs,” he added. In the future, more qualified coaches with B or A licenses should be in charge of state teams in the NFC, according to the recommendations of Anilkumar’s committee.He pointed out that his committee’s recommendations to improve player amenities competing in the NFC are solid.(ANI)

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