The underrated horror game is currently free to download

Who doesn’t love a good horror game? Well, me actually. Most of the time I play them because what I plan to be a fun experience, ends up being me spending hours on pause motivating myself to keep going. Then again, no matter how terrifying the experience, I keep coming back for more.

In case you missed it, take a look at this brand new environment overview of the upcoming EA dead space remake.

First-person shooter from Arkane Studios in 2017 Prey is currently free on the Epic Games Store, and you really should go ahead and download it right away. In Prey, you play as Morgan Yu – an explorer aboard the Talos I space station. It sucks to be Morgan because Talos I is infested with a hostile, shapeshifting alien force called Typhon. Oh, and they have psychic powers. Awesome.

Which makes Prey so scary is that the Typhoon can transform into any inanimate object, so it could literally hide anywhere. I get on my nerves just thinking about that possibility. The game is free until May 19 so don’t delay.

It’s not the only gift because you can also pick up Redoubt and jotun. Redoubt is a fun sci-fi racing game, while jotun (no prizes for riddles) is based on Norse mythology and mixes puzzle solving with exploration.

Prey is the real gem here, but if the horror of wondering if this chair is going to turn into an alien that will try to kill you at any moment gets too much, at least there’s something healthy (and free) on which fall back.

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