The Waffle House Video Game You Didn’t Know You Need

According to Lifewire, simulation games allow players to “imitate a real-life situation.” YouTuber Wrightexe has created his own Waffle House Simulator in Blender, a program that allows anyone to make 3D projects for free, as stated by the company’s website and published it on YouTube under the title “Waffle House Simulator ( 2002)”.

The video is filled with nods to Waffle House’s unique pop culture stereotypes. The simulation begins by asking the player to choose which type of Waffle House they would like to go to, classic, isolated wood or throwback, then offers three potential characters to play as: crying baby, sad businessman and trashy drunk. After the video picks up a sad businessman, it takes its audience on a Waffle House adventure at night, which is, of course, the best time to eat bacon breakfast at the fast food chain.

Other highlights of the fan-made sim include mocking the musical selection of the Waffle House jukebox and options to cry, remember an embarrassing moment, or contemplate the meaning of life. after receiving your order. Although Waffle House Simulator is not an actual game, Waffle House fans in the comment section on YouTube expressed their love for the video. One wrote: ‘Man it’s like in real life, with the businessmen crying!’ Another user said, “I didn’t know I needed this, thank you for your work.”

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