Theory Says Epic Games Store Free Games Will End June 16

The Epic Games Store is well known for its weekly “mystery” free games, but now a theory suggests that all of that may be coming to an end. According to the theory, players will only have until June 16 to claim the free games.

Epic Games Store could end its free games on June 16

According to the story of Rant Game, Epic Games could end its Epic Mega sale by June 16, which could see the top of the platform offering free games. Another batch of free games is set to launch on June 9, however.

Epic Games is well known for offering its users promotions, offers and even free games on its platform. Apart from a way to market, the platform also does this to keep current users engaged and still engaged with the platform.

Free Games Might Stop When Epic MEGA Sale Ends Too

As some would expect, however, this type of free play might not last forever. While some games are essentially free-to-play in nature, such as “Fortnite” or “Genshin Impact“, which earn money from in-game purchases, other games were basically listed for free for a limited time.

Although not explained, the article states that a theory suggests that the Epic Games Store‘s free games frenzy will end on June 16th. The end of free games should also coincide with the end of the Epic MEGA sale.

How Players and Games Have Taken Advantage of Free Games

Fortunately, this does not mean that Epic Games Store will not release games for free from time to time. According to Game Rant, fans will still potentially have two or more “free mystery titles by then.”

While some gamers don’t mind paying for games, others are more frugal and prefer to wait for a discount or freebie to try out a certain title. Some games have even seen a surge in popularity since putting their games on sale at a discount.

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The 2022 Mega Sale could see 25% off select titles

According to the website, the Mega Sale 2022 could save players an additional 25% on select titles. This offer, however, is only valid for certain titles or purchases that cost $14.99 or more.

Epic Games, however, has not released an official statement on whether or not it will end free games on its platform. According to Game Rant, the company hasn’t given them any confirmation and there’s a good reason why “maybe they shouldn’t”.

It’s also worth noting that the platform may never release an official statement regarding their decision, so gamers just need to be prepared in case they can’t enjoy free games from Epic Games later on. There is also no confirmation as to whether the platform will permanently stop offering free games in the future.

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