There’s now a real MTG card for rapper Post Malone

Rapper Post Malone wears his love of Magic: The Gathering on his sleeve, often appearing in collaborations with game creator Wizards of the Coast. Now, this card shark celebrity has gone even further, appearing on his own MTG card.

The map, titled Post, son of a rich manis a reskin of K’rrik, son of Yaugzebub, and features the likeness of Post Malone in the same pose and outfit as the Phyrexian Servant. Revealed in a Secret Lair teaser, he will appear in the Secret Lair x Post Malone: ​​Backstage Pass drop, presumably alongside other cards featuring the rapper. This secret lair will be part of the October superdrop, where we can expect to see a bunch of Magic cards with special treatments and new artwork being sold in premium bundles.

Post Malone is quickly becoming to Magic: The Gathering what Henry Cavill is to Warhammer 40k. The celeb spoke about the TCG on the Howard Stern show, revealed he bought the most expensive Magic card in history and paid a $100,000 prize to a fan who beat him in a match .

Fans with fond memories may realize that this is actually the second Magic card to feature Post Malone. In 2021, Wizards created the card post the enchantera skin of Zur the Enchanter, showing Postie in Zur’s red dress with its odd hairy trim. However, this was a unique map created only for Post-alone. This will be the one that everyone can get their hands on.

Post, Son of Rich, and the other Post Malone Magic cards will be available for pre-order once the October Superdrop arrives on October 17, and for about a month. Pre-orders will close on November 14.

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