This free PS5 update makes gaming on top TVs even better

After a bit of a lull, Sony has released a number of PS5 updates recently, and this week’s is good news if you’ve recently purchased one of the best TVs or gaming TVs: the PlayStation has been updated. updated with new controls on Low Latency mode, the lightning-fast way to game with the least amount of lag.

The patch, available to all PS5 owners, updates the Settings page with new controls over ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode). It’s the feature of recent TVs that can detect whether you’re gaming or not and if you are, automatically switches to low latency mode. It’s a pretty useful thing to have, but it’s not always necessary. Sony therefore gives you the opportunity to modify its behavior.

How to Use New PS5 ALLM Settings

As Sony explains in its PS5 patch release notesIf you are using a TV that supports ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), you can adjust the ALLM settings in Settings > Screen and video > Video output > ALLM. There are two options here: Auto, which as you’d expect automatically switches to low latency mode, and Off, which overrides functionality unless you’re in VRR (variable refresh rate) mode.

If you think it sounds odd to want to disable a feature that’s supposed to improve gameplay, I thought the same – but while ALLM is very good at fixing display issues in super-fast games, especially multiplayer in online, many PS5 players have complained. that their PS5’s ALLM locks their TVs in Game Mode. This isn’t always a good thing, because in many cases Game Mode disables many TV options and customizations. I know that on my own TV, I’d rather not use game mode for anything other than arcade games; for more cinematic titles I prefer to use the more cinematic display modes.

If all of the above sounds like gibberish, don’t worry: it’s only a problem for a relatively small proportion of gamers, and Sony’s small but simple solution fixes a problem that’s a big problem for them, but which may not even be a grain of salt. your radar. But it’s good to see that Sony is much more aware of PS5 updates than it was at the start. I’m crossing my fingers that it continues.

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