This horror film written by the creator of Supernatural deserves a second look

Children are often afraid of monsters under the bed or in the closet, and for many children the Boogeyman is a scary creature that just might be hiding in the dark. There are Boogeyman myths from multiple places, from a dark spirit in Italy to a demon lurking in chimneys in Scotland. While Eric Kripke is known for creating the huge hit TV show Supernaturalhe also wrote a 2005 horror film titled Boogeyman starring Barry Watson as a man named Tim Jensen who saw the creature murder his father.

While this movie isn’t talked about very often, it does a lot, from delving into this legendary creature to telling the story of a main character dealing with his past in order to move on. to come up. There are several reasons why Boogeyman deserves a second look, even if it’s not often among people’s favorite horror movies.


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Supernatural was on the air for a long time and there are plenty of people who absolutely loved watching all 15 seasons of the TV drama. In addition to working on the series, Eric Kripke wrote two 1997 films titled The battle of the sexes and really committed and 2018 The house with a clock in its walls, and he also wrote the 2005 film Boogeyman. The film isn’t talked about much and critics certainly didn’t like it, but some parts can be enjoyed.

Monster in Boogeyman

While everyone remembers at least hearing about The Boogeyman when they were little, whether they were personally terrified of it or not, this movie does a great job of expanding on that myth and imagining what could really happen if it were real. Tim has a lot of quirks that prove he was always scared the monster would hunt him down and hurt him this time: he uses a dresser, got rid of the closets in his house, and uses a mattress instead of a real bed. These details may seem small, but they ultimately show just how much of an effect this monster has had on his life. While some horror movies have annoying monsters, Boogeyman makes the audience think that this creature is totally real and could come looking for Tim at any moment.

The film’s main setting of Tim’s childhood home creates tension and scares, though those familiar with the horror genre might not jump off the couch or be terrified. Since the house Tim grew up in is Victorian, it immediately has the pretty but spooky vibe that is needed for this kind of story. There are several haunted house horror movies that focus on the spirits lurking in the walls, and it’s cool to see a movie that focuses on a monster that everyone remembers from their childhood. The other characters aside from Tim aren’t fleshed out much. There’s Jessica (Tory Mussett), who is Tim’s girlfriend, and Kate (Zooey Deschanel), who Tim was friends with when they were growing up. But since it’s fun how the movie tackles the famous figure of Boogeyman, it doesn’t matter as much and the movie is still enjoyable. It’s also fun to see a haunted house type movie that has nothing to do with ghosts, which is the typical menace of the genre.

Barry Watson looks serious in Boogeyman

People carry a lot of memories and fears from when they were little to adulthood, and Boogeyman does a smart job of showing how Tim has awful visions of what happened to his father. While his mom said it couldn’t happen, Tim knew he was right, and as soon as Tim gets home, the Boogeyman is there chasing him. In most cases, what people fear and worry about turns out to be nothing and they slowly learn to find more peace. In Tim’s world, that’s not possible because there really is a monster ready to kill him. The film exaggerates this idea of ​​having a fear from childhood and makes it a real threat.

BoogeymanThe ending is dark as Tim believes he has won against the monster and that everything will be fine now. He realizes that the monster takes toys and then can be visible to children and adults, which is unique and interesting. But audiences see the Boogeyman hurt a little girl and now know nothing can ever stop him. Even though it proves that Tim failed in his mission, it’s still a great ending because it’s much scarier to realize that the Boogeyman is so powerful that he can’t lose. Since the scary story of this monster that looms large in childhood will never go away, the ending feels quite fitting. Even if Boogeyman isn’t the most well-made horror movie out there, it still has some cool moments and a main character who takes on a meaningful mission.

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