This Is Us Creator Reveals What You Didn’t Get To Hear From Kevin, Kate & Randall During The Final Episode’s Eulogy Scene

Spoiler alert! This story contains spoilers for the series finale of It’s usso make sure you get caught up before continuing.

After six seasons of jump from present to past to futuregasping for shocking plot twists and listening to countless Pearson monologues, It’s us concluded its final chapter with the series finale, “We”. The episode was seemingly straightforward, reflecting two timelines – a lazy Saturday afternoon spent with Jack and Rebecca when the Big Three were young opposite the future timeline where the expanding Pearson family said their final goodbyes to the late Grand Matriarch at her funeral. But kate sang, and Kevin and Randall each gave praise, their words were inaudible, but the creator Dan Fogelman thankfully provided some insight into what we viewers didn’t hear.

Randall commented several times in the penultimate episode “The Train” on “the dichotomy of everything”, with sadness and joy coming at the same time. The finale continued the exploration of how he balanced the loss of his mother with the revelation that Deja was pregnant with her first grandchild. (Credit to Sterling K. Brown for that amazing reaction when he found out she was expecting a boy!) But in her struggles, her spirit wasn’t fully present at the funeral, hence the haze viewers heard when the Big Three did their eulogies.

So what was said (and sung)? Dan Fogelman said EO that Chrissy Metz was caught off guard by the concept of singing to honor her fictional mother:

Chrissy had not been informed that I would ask her to sing. So I was like, ‘Chrissy, can you sing something?’ And she’s like, ‘Do you want me to just sing something?’ And I’m like, ‘Sing one of your songs from your new album.’ She’s like, ‘I don’t think that’s appropriate, tonally?’ And I was like, ‘What about Time After Time? It was a song that was part of your character’s origin story with Rebecca. So that’s what she sang. And it was really beautiful and everyone was crying and clapping.

Not only was it a fitting song for the character – as she’s made a few appearances on the show over its six seasons – but the lyrics are absolutely perfect for the moment and the relationship that Kate and her mother had.

Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley, meanwhile, were asked to improvise and write their own eulogies, knowing that nothing they said would be heard when the episode aired. Brown and Randall must have some similarities between them, as the actor seemed to be channeling his character quite realistically for the assignment, Dan Fogelman said:

I remember Sterling writing a lot of stuff, because he’s Sterling. And then after a while we were getting the camera angle and he was in the middle of his business and Ken [Olin, who directed the finale] was just yelling, ‘Cut!’ And Sterling said, ‘I’ve got more! I have more! [Laughs.] Ken wasn’t concentrating on the words; it focused on how much camera movement we needed.

His affinity for big talk isn’t where the similarities between Sterling K. Brown and his character end. They both have a great love for Mandy Moore (or, in Randall’s case, Rebecca), and Brown made an emotional appeal this season for the actress who, eight years younger than him, plays his mother. win an Emmy Award for her breathtaking portrayal of a woman with Alzheimer’s disease.

For his part, Justin Hartley may have tapped into some of that Kevin-Randall sibling rivalry during his eulogy. For being asked to do something quite dark, it seems like the actors are treated like real brothers. The creator recalled:

Both Sterling and Justin were trying, if I remember correctly, to make the audience laugh a little bit with everything they said. They were in character, talking about Rebecca, almost having a competition with who could say the funniest or most shocking thing that would make everyone in the audience laugh. Because they knew their words wouldn’t get me on camera.

It was a fairly simple way to It’s us out, in that it didn’t introduce a crazy ending or parting to a wider variety of timelines, but there were quite a few treats for loyal fans. Beth and Randall participated in one last round of “Worst Case Scenario”, we learned the origin of the oft-played game Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Tobylove for his ex-wife reassured us that KaToby is actually foreverand Nicky expressed his gratitude for Kevin bringing him back into the family with his signature bad temper. What more ? Besides another season on the road when all the main cast are older, of course.

Now that It’s us has ended, be sure to check out our TV program 2022 to see what premieres are coming soon, or relive the entire six-season run of NBC’s hit drama with a Hulu subscription.

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