TurBot creator thinks it’s best time for indie and solo developers

In a recent interview with Game Rant about TurBot, Jacob Moore explains why he thinks this is the best time for indie and solo developers.

Previously, creating a game required highly skilled technicians, usually with some degree. There were no readily available resources for those with an incredible idea, but no capacity to make it happen. However, in a recent interview with Game Rant, Jacob Moore, the solo developer behind Turbot, spoke about what he thinks solo developers and indie creators have never had such an opportunity before. He said that due to the abundance of freely available resources and knowledge on the internet, anyone with an idea and the will to go all the way can create a game like Turbot in no time.

For Moore, it started with a love for classic platform games like Crash Bandicoot and Sly Cooper, and evolved into a desire to create his own title. While it has always been on his mind, it wasn’t until the pandemic hit last year that he was able to freely pursue this interest with all of his free time. According to Moore, he spent the whole of 2020 learning to use Blender and started training his game in Unreal Engine in early 2021. Moore said it only took him five months to complete the game – without never learn to write a line. code.

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How TurBot was created

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have had plenty of time to engage in hobbies and activities outside of their normal routines. This led to many interesting changes in everyone’s lives, and for Moore, it was finally learning how to make the game he had always been curious about. As a fan of watching speedrunners on the internet, he thought it would be interesting to make his own game that would challenge the player to complete it as fast as possible. With his idea and the tools easy enough to find, he set to work to create the speedrunning platform game. Turbot.

“I chose Blender, I started to learn 3D modeling, I just self-taught myself using online resources.”

The first thing Moore did was take the Blender 3D modeling software and started playing around with it until “it all started to make sense.” At first his only goal was to use it to create high quality memes and animations, but he quickly saw the potential to develop what he had learned to make a game. Moore then downloaded the Unreal Engine. and learned to use it himself, and due to Unreal Engine’s blueprint functionality, he never had to learn to code.

Abundance of resources

Lasers shoot from the sky towards the silhouette

One message Moore wanted to get across was that now is the time for solo developers to really stretch their legs. According to the solo developer, the abundance of resources and knowledge available for free online has never been more abundant. For 3D modeling, there’s Blender, Unreal Engine is free, and all of the tutorials on how to do everything in these programs can be found on various media channels on the web. He thinks this is truly a unique moment for developers who have never had an opportunity before.

“I think there is no better time to get started than now. All the resources you need are free and available. All the tools you need, all the knowledge, you can access them with a quick Google search. “

While making a game is a huge undertaking, it has never been easier than in today’s digital age. With the access the Internet offers to programs and information, not to mention an ever-growing game audience, independent developers have a unique chance to create their games and bring them to the web.

Turbot will be released on July 30, 2021 for PC, and can be added to the wishlist now on Steam.

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