TWEWY took pieces from designer Tetsuya Nomura’s own wardrobe

Tetsuya Nomura poses for a photo during a screening of Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children.

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Square Enix veteran Tetsuya Nomura is known to create RPG characters with, say, more eccentric outfits that you wouldn’t see on the street or even in other video games. And it turns out that he sometimes takes inspiration from his own wardrobe while designing in his ubiquitous style rich in accessories.

Talk with Reverse before next week launch of Neo: The world ends with you—A sequel to the cult Nintendo DS game-long time Final fantasy and Kingdom Hearts dev was asked to choose a piece from the upcoming game to add to their real world closet. Nomura, however, turned the question around by revealing that one of the characters in the series already had dress like him, not the opposite.

“In the Minamimoto design of the original The world ends with you, everything – his hat, his boots, his pants, his outerwear – is based on something that I actually own, ”Nomura said.

It should be noted that Nomura is not talking about a Louie– or Zion Barzahd-style character here, as hilarious as that can be. No, like most characters in the series, Sho Minamimoto, an antagonist from the first game who joins the cast of playable protagonists in Neo: The world ends with you– dresses reasonably reasonably (see video above). He doesn’t even wear unnecessary buckles or straps, unless you count the belt that hangs loosely from his coat.

Just like its predecessor, Neo: The world ends with you takes place in a bustling metropolis heavily inspired by the actual Shibuya district of Tokyo. Since this area is known for its glut of clothing stores, it would make sense for the characters in the game, Minamimoto included, to be at least a little preoccupied with making fashionable outfits. (In fact, one of the main ways to level up your characters is to adorn their outfits with trendy pins that grant abilities.) Who better to impart this wisdom than the Residing Drip God? of Square Enix?

The world ends with you serves as the perfect setting for someone like Nomura, who has long been considered one of the most fashion conscious developers in industry. His fondness for Japanese streetwear is lovingly reflected in both games. They say write what you know, but Nomura drawings what he knows, and these unique RPGs only make it better.

Neo: The world ends with you launches July 27 for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC.

Correction (7/23/2021, 4:22 p.m. ET): Added missing information on the game’s release platforms.

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