Twinkle Khanna Shares Glimpses From His “Device-Free Night Out” With Nitara: Pancakes, Puns & Jokes | Bollywood

Actor-turned-writer Twinkle Khanna shared a series of photos and videos on Instagram. In the video, Twinkle gave a glimpse of his night out with his 9-year-old daughter, Nitara.

Sharing the videos and photos, Twinkle jokingly wrote, “A fun, device-free evening exploring Tweak’s subscription box. I made the pancakes and she made the decoration, then I quickly ate it all while we played the word-building card game. She could soon beat me because she is just as competitive! We decided to make it a habit. Our children deserve our full attention and a pinch of joy as a reward for their sheer resilience through this pandemic.”

In the first video, Twinkle is seen making the pancake batter, as she says, “My little helper doesn’t want to help but only wants to eat.” In the second video, Nitara is seen decorating her crepe. Twinkle asks him, “Is that a face?” Nitara replies, “Yes.” Twinkle asks again, “Who is that face? Yours?” Nitara responds, “Mumma’s” and bursts out laughing.

In the last video, Twinkle says a few words beginning with ‘Cha’ and asks Nitara “What did you write?” Nitara said, “Charcoal. Hearing the response, Twinkle is surprised and asks, “Did you write charcoal?” Nitara says, “I wrote charcoal.” Excited, Twinkle then says, “That’s so cool.”

As soon as Twinkle posted these videos, fans started to react. One person said, “Sparkling time with the kids is earned. It sticks in my memory.” Another said: “The selfless time spent with our children is so important, can totally connect to that, these little ones are amazing creatures.” While one wrote: ” Nitara’s laugh is so cute.”

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Twinkle and actor Akshay Kumar married on January 17, 2001. The couple welcomed their first child Aarav in 2002 and Nitara in 2012.

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