Twitch will introduce over 350 new tags next week to “give creators more choice” •

Twitch introduces over 350 new community tags that will allow streamers to not only tag the content of the games they play, but also “who they are and what they are. [stand] for “, also.

“We had planned to share this next week, but we’ve heard from you a lot and want to make sure the toll is clear. Next week we’ll be adding over 350 new tags to celebrate you and your community,” explained a tweet on Twitch’s official Twitter account this weekend.

The new tags – which were developed in consultation with “independent third-party organizations” and “other experts focused on the advancement of under-represented racial and ethnic groups, LGBTQIA + communities, disabled and marginalized people” – are ” related to gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, aptitude, mental health, etc. “.

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“The list of tags includes transgender, black, disabled, veteran and Vtuber, among many others,” posted an article on the official website. website Explain. “We will also remove references to ‘ally’ from the LGBTQIA + tag and create a standalone ally tag instead. These additions will not change how the markup works and are completely optional. They just give creators more choice.”

The post also acknowledges that earlier effects that prevented streamers from tagging “what they represented” instead of “what they broadcast” were “false.”

“When we launched Tags in 2018, we did it to drive discovery, to help creators describe their content, and to help viewers find the feeds that interest them. We intentionally designed this system so that creators could describe what they were broadcasting, not who they were or what they represented. We have maintained this distinction ever since, and we were wrong. “

The news follows confirmation that Twitch has launched a new Pools, Spas & Beaches category in response to “community and advertiser feedback.”

As Wes explained yesterday, the announcement came after a controversial week for Twitch and its “meta spa,” with some streamers complaining that the ad was suspended from their channels without warning or explanation.

Twitch said its new Pools, Spas & Beaches category isn’t its long-term solution to “improving brand targeting capabilities,” but fixes a few short-term issues. Crucially, advertisers will be able to either accept or deactivate the category, which from Twitch’s perspective will likely keep brands at bay for at least some time.

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