UK and Ireland drop 2030 World Cup bid to focus on Euro 2028

Britain and Ireland on Monday scrapped their plans for a joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup, opting instead to try to host the 2028 European Championship.

The pursuit of FIFA’s flagship men’s tournament was led by the Football Federation of England, which assessed the odds of winning after losing in 2010 in a tainted contest for the 2018 edition.

“The feasibility study included an analysis of the economic impact, the political landscape of football and the likely costs of hosting major international tournaments,” the five UK associations said in a statement. “Overall, the five associations have decided to focus only on an official bid to host UEFA Euro 2028 and have agreed not to bid for the 2030 FIFA World Cup. UEFA offers a similar return on investment, with the European tournament resulting in a much lower cost of delivery and the potential for profits to be realized sooner.” The move is a boost for Spain and Portugal, who are pursuing a joint bid for 2030, and UEFA wants a European bidder.

England last hosted the World Cup in 1966 and also failed with a bid for the 2006 tournament. But it hosted the 1996 European Championship and Wembley played eight games last year when the competition took place across Europe. Scotland also staged four Euro 2020 games at Hampden Park.

Although the Wembley final was marred by violence from England fans ahead of the loss to Italy, UEFA showed their support in London by choosing to host a match with CONMEBOL between the Italian European champions and South American champion Argentina in the city in June.

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