UNBEATABLE [white label] The demo is one of the best video games of the year

As the year draws to a close, it’s okay to start revisiting your favorite games of the year that you’ve spent time with. It seems almost fallacious, if not hyperbolic, to call a demo of an upcoming game one of the best titles of the year, yet it does when it comes to the [white label] demo of the next rhythmic adventure game UNBEATABLE. Some might say that putting a demo on your Game of the Year list would be like putting a trailer for a movie on a Top 10 list, but does it really matter when it’s one of the products you have the right? more appreciated?

The truth is, the upcoming game demo remains one of the most exciting gaming experiences of this year. The title launched as a Kickstarter project earlier this year and would eventually hit its target in 15 hours. Soon after, the D-CELL GAMES team released a stellar demo. Offering a free slice of their rhythm game, the Kickstarter describes the demo perfectly, as you are part of a band that lives in a world “where music is illegal and you commit crimes”.

The first thing you will notice in the demo is the breathtaking art style, when you fire up the game and are greeted with a wonderful palette of pastel colors. It is so effective in its presentation that sometimes you will feel like you are browsing a comic book or an anime. Easy-to-draw comparisons for those familiar with the properties are the work of anime juggernaut Studio Trigger, reminiscent of past titles like Kill La Kill, or the work of Gainax and Production IG on FLCL.



For a demo, UNBEATABLE has a lot of variation for fans of rhythm games, and it seems the team behind the title were well aware of the audience they were likely going to address. For now, the demo offers 12 songs. What’s great about this demo is that you have a clear idea of ​​what’s to come, just by including the part of the demo that isn’t the music sections. Between many songs, you will be greeted by absolutely magnificent interludes.

You’ll see from the start that this isn’t your typical rhythm title, as you aren’t even thrown into a song when you start the tutorial. Instead, you’ll get a feel for the sections that occupy the other part of the demo, which focus more on the story and its characters, namely Beat, the protagonist of the demo. During this time, you will be able to run and explore beautifully designed places.

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As you explore these areas, you will also have the opportunity to interact with a number of different elements of the environment. When you do this, most of the time, Beat will be able to choose from a variety of topics to discuss. An example of this is when you come across a brochure stand, which will let you learn about tarantula cafes or the oddly named “Bone Camp”. One notable location in the demo is a soothing train station, which shares a familiar name with a city in a popular JRPG franchise. The inclusions of these areas are also a great way to break up the static nature of the backgrounds that accompany the rhythm sections.

Unlike many other rhythm games, it seems to focus on the story, with music playing a vital role in the overall plot elements. These story beats are sprinkled throughout the demo as you jump between various addicting songs. The demo is excellent in that it makes you want more, while also showcasing the stellar foundations the team has already built. It’s one of the biggest surprises of the year, and because it’s free, it should be at the top of many players’ “must-try” lists.

The trailer explains the gameplay best, in that it’s a very easy game to pick up and play. There are two buttons that you will primarily use in the game, when trying to time your presses on two separate lanes, in which you will see various flying objects that you need to match. Not to be outdone by its visual style, the soundtrack is fortunately able to match the quality of the rest of the game. You will be humming these songs long after your first part.

The demo also does a great job of mixing up the actual rhythmic gameplay, as it’s not just the regular notes you’ll focus on in each lane. If you are used to the genre, there are different types of notes that will appear as you play. There are your typical downforce and hold inputs, but also fun variations like jump notes that move from lane to lane, requiring you to keep your eyes fixed on both areas of the lane. ‘screen.


For those who find rhythm games frustrating to master, you’ll be happy to see the demo for UNBEATABLE offers a wide variety of difficulty options. The tutorial does a great job slowing things down a bit and letting you understand how the demo plays out. Slowly but surely you will get to grips with the demo better, as you can start with Beginner and slowly increase the difficulty to whatever you want as you progress through the songs.

From now on, the UNBEATABLE [white label] The demo is only available on PC, but it is available for free on Steam and itch.io. It also looks like the perfect type of game to check out on the upcoming Steam Deck. Even the support behind the demo over the past couple of months has been fantastic, as there have been a lot of quality of life improvements and fixes. The D-CELL GAMES team continues to update the demo, and a new song and scene are even coming soon in conjunction with the game. No straight roads.

While the game’s Kickstarter is over, it currently has a Slacker Backer page for those who want to support the title. With the strong community that the rhythm game genre generates and the absolute passion that can be felt in every area of ​​this demo, I hope that over time UNBEATABLE will continue to find a larger audience. The [white label] demo for UNBEATABLE is truly one of the most notable accomplishments of this year, and any fan looking for a unique take on a familiar genre should give it a try.

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